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Dunlop, David, L.D.S. (Eng.), D.D.S. (Phil.),
dental surgeon, 27 Sandyford pi.
Dunlop, David, traveller (A. Allan's, 100 Brunswick
street), lio., 20 Finlay drive.
Dunlop & Foote, letterpress printers, 19 Howard sfc.
Dunlop, G. A., G.P.O., 9 Craiguestock place.
Dunlop, Hugh, & Sons, drapers, and ladies'
and childrens' outfitters, shirtmakers, hosiers, and
glovers, Albany chambers, 528 to 532 Sauchieball
st. Charing Cross; telephone Corp. 274.
Dunlop, James, banker and insurance agent (The
Clydesdale Bank, Lmtd., 128 King street, PoUok-
shaws), ho. 130 King street, Pollokshaws.
Dunlop, James, postman, 187 Snowdon st.
Dunlop, James, & Co., Ld., fire brick manufacturers,
fire bricks, facing bricks, covers, blocks, ground
fire clay ; works, Clyde Iron Works, by Tollcross ;
ofiice, 7 Royal Bank pi.
Dunlop, James, & Co., Limited., iron and coal
masters, and makers of sttel, sulphate of ammonia,
pitch, and oils, and fire brick manufacturers,
Clyde Iron Works and Calderbauk Steel Works;
office, 7 Royal Bank pi.; telephone Nos. 4671,
National, and 1018 Corp.; telegraphic address,
" Dunclyde."
Dunlop, James, M.B., CM., physician, 36 Berkeley
Dunlop, James, M.B., C M. , physician and surgeon,
473 Duke street; ho. 3 Seton ter., Dennistoun.
Dunlop, James, chandler, 11 Cranston st. and 634
St. Vincent st. ; ho., 455 St. Vincent street.
Dunlop, James, wholesale provision merchant, 75
Hutcheson st. ; ho. Garthland villa, Newlands,
Dunlop, James Archer (of Hugh Dunlop & Sons),
ho. 5 Cua ing Cross mansions.
Dunlop, James, watchmjker, 412 New City road;
house. 478 do.
Dunlop, James, baker, 25 to 31 Fisher street; ho.
81 Broompark, terrace.
Dunlop, Jame^, tailor and clothier, 131 Paisley road,
W.; ho. 1 Rosemount terrace, Ibrox.
Dunlap, Jamts, chlLa and earthenware agen'', 51
Buch'inan street.
Dunlnp, James, .^g nt, 11 Bohwell st; ho. Neilston.
Duulop, J. A., & Co., flour and grain importers. 25
Wellington street.
Dunlop, James, M.A , LL. B., writer and notary
public, 134 S\ Vincent street; ho , Gartocharo,
by Alfcxandiia.
Dunlop, James W. (of Wm. Dunlop, 65 Gt. Clyde
street) ; ho,, 425 Shields roai^
Dunlap, J., dairy keeper, 178 Kiliinarnock road.
Dunlop, John, M.D., CM., 528 St. Vincent st; ho.
1 Somerset place.
Dunlop, John (of Dunlop & Foote), ho. 1 Westbank
Dunlop, John lire (of Dunlop Bros.), ho. 7 Clair-
mont gardens.
Dunlop, John, & Son, contractors, 24 Victoria st,
s.s. ; house, 345 Pollokshaws road.
Dunlop, John A. (of J. A. Dunlop & Co.), ho. 227
Bath street
Dunlop, John, art master, Glasgow Academy and
School of Art; ho. 3 Yarrow gardens.
Dunlop, John G., director, John Brown & Co , Ltd ,
Clydebank ; ho. 12 Crown terrace, Dowanhill
Dunlop, John, naval architect (John Reid & Go., 50
Welling! on st); bo., 309 Albert cres , Langs'de.
Dunlop, J. & Co., boot makers, 27 Cambridge st
Danlop & Macquisten, writers, 101 West George
Dunlop, Matthew (of Danlop Brothers), house, 7
Clairmont gardens.
Dunlop, Mitthew, traveller (at Micfdrlane, Lang &
Go 's), ho. 15 Albion st off Byres rd.
Dunlop, Matthew, implement maker and agent, 8
Grabam squire ; works Abercromby street ; house,
Davisbank, Springbo'g, Shetil-^st m.
Dunlop & Murray, chartered accountants, 188 St.
Vincent street.
Danlop, M. Johnston (Roxburgh's & Boyd's), 96
Buchanan street.
Dunlop, Nathanel, shipowner (of J. & A. Allan), ho. 1
Montgomerie crescent, Kelvinside, and Sh eldhill,
Danlop, Norman, C'arke & Co,, Ltd., East India
merchants, 6 Frederick Lane.
Dunlop, N. Harvie (at Jas. & Alex. Allan's), house,
27 Kersland ter.
Dunlop, R. Murray, writer and notary public, 136
Wellington street; res. ISt Pitt street
Dualiip, Reginald N., M. D., physiciaa ; consuLing
roon=, 183 Eglinton street; ho. 46 MalviUe st,
Pollok shields.
Danlop, Robert J. (of Thos. Danlop & Sons, 70
Wellington st.), ho., Redholm, Helensburgh.
Dunlop, Robert, wood carver, 342 St Vincent st;
house, 1 Corunna street.
Dunlop, Robert, grocer, 60 Carrick street; ho. 81
Gloucester street.
Danlop, Robt (of Danlop & Macquisten), ho. 11
Windsor quadrant.
Dunlop, Robert, & Co., musical instrument makera
and importers, 31 Cindlerlggs.
Dunlop Robert (at Anchor L ne, Henderson Bros.,
Ltd.); ho., Myrtlebank, Bdth.
Dunlop, Robert T., axouotant, 58 Renfleld st;
Corp. Tele. No. 2712 ; ho. Grafton villa, Stepps.
Dunlop, S. W., Ltd., 110 Buchanan street.
Clothier and outfitter.
Dunlop, S. W., Ltd., 140 Buchanan street
Maker of the " Excello " Suirt
Dunlop, S W., Ltd., 110 Buchanan street
Hosier and " Sante " woollen
under tvear manufacturer.
Dunlop, S. W., Ltd., 140 Buchanan street ^
Athletic outtittfr.
Dunlop, S. W., Ltd., 140 Buchanan street, j
Highland costume and
requisite raanufactuve".
Dunlop, S. W., Ltd., 140 Buchanan street
Foreign and colonial outtiiter.
Every requisite for foreign travel
Dunlop, S. W., Ltd., 140 Buchanan street.
Travelling bags and dressing cas s.
Dunlop, S. W., Ltd., 140 Buchanan street.
Outfit! supplied for all
public schools throughout
the kingdom. See our
estimate for 12^ guinea outfit. |
Write for Catal 'gue.
Dunlop, S. W., Ltd., 1 10 Buchanan street
Cadet corps and military contractors.
Dunlop, S. W., Ltd., 140 Buchanan street, hatter.
Dunlop, S. "W., Ltd., 140 Buchanan street, glover.
Danlop, Thr mas, grain merchant, 39 Carron wharf,
Port-Dundas; house, 13 Kelvinside ter,, south;
telephone No3., Nat, 121 Doaglas; Corp., 346 L

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