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Connochie, H. J. B., teaclier of pianoforte, banjo,
mandoline, &c., Albany mansions, 353 Renfrew
st , Charing Cross.
Conochie, James (at Matthew Algie & Co.'s), ho.,
Ardoch villa, Mount Vernon.
Connochie, P. & S. J., wine and spirit merchants,
32 Cook St.; ho. 24 Carment di-ive, Shawlands.
Conochie, Wm., Clyde Navigation Chambers, 16
Robertson street ; ho. Misty Law, Kilmalcolm.
CONNOLLY, David, postman ; ho. 46 Seamore st.
Connolly, J. W. & T., Ideal rubber tyre smiths,
31 Cleveland lane.
CONNOP Bros., Cradley Heath, chains, cables,
anchors, wrought nails, spikes, etc. ; agent, J. J.
H. Crnikshank, 95 Bath street.
CONNER, Benjamin, civil engineer, 196 St. Vincent
street; ho. 13 Ann street, Hillhead.
Connor, Rev. David M., M.A., LL.B., minister,
Govanhill U.F. Church, Daisy street; ho. 61 Albert
road. Crossbill.
Conner, E. B., cashier (Wm. M'Ewan & Co., Ltd.),
ho. 12 Scotia st.
Connor, Edwin C, sanitary engineer (of Saunders &
Connor), Sanitas Works, Barrhead ; ho. 152
Hyndland road, Glasgow.
Connor, F. W., drysalter, 57 High street; house, 131
Annfield street.
Connor, George Muir, M.B., CM., physician, 574
Gallowgate; ho. Woodside villa, 107 Whitehill st.
Connor, James, hosier and hatter, 100 Dumbarton
road, and 164 North street; ho. 318 Bath street.
Connor, J. & G. drapers, 434 Gairbraid st.
Conner, Mrs. Benjamin, 9 Scott street, Garnethill.
Connor, Agnes Muir, M.A., teacher, Albert Road
Academy, Pollokshields ; ho. 61 Albert rd.,
CONROY, E. C, saw maker, 638 Eglinton st.
Conservative Association, general offices, 100 Wel-
lington St.; branches, 91 James street, Bridgeton,
15 David street, 21 Parliamentary road, 167 Dum-
barton road, 317 St. George's road, 2 Carlton
court, 130 Adelphi st., and 43 North Albion street.
Conservative (The) Club, 33 Bothwell street; secy.,
Geo. H. Rose.
CoNSETT Iron Co. (Limited), makers of Siemens-
Martin steel ship and boiler plates, angles, bulbs,
&C., R. D. Dunnachie, 75 Buchanan street ; works,
BlackhOl, County Durham.
Consolidated Petroleum Co., Ltd., produce
refiners, distributors of petroleum oils, 3, 4, and 5
Rood lane, London, E.C. ; agents, Wm. Bunten &
Co., Castle Chambers, 55 West Regent street.
Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Co., Ltd., patentees
of pneumatic tools, 56 Waterloo street.
CONSTABLE, 0. H., apparatus examiner, G.P.O.,
London, 51 Abbotsford place.
Constantinople Steamers ; Crawford, DuflP & Co.,
8 Gordon street.
Consuls and Vice-Consuls : —
Argentine Consulate General for Scotland, 121
St. Vincent street; B. F. Gayan, consul general ;
Thos. F. Agar, 30 George square, hon. consul
general; H. M. Brodie, canciller ; Mai-is Fran-
cisco de Albertis, clerk.
Austro-Hungarian consul, Wm. Burrell, 54 George
Belgian Consul, Patrick Smith Dunn, 144 St.
Vincent st.
Bolivian Consul, Andrew Weir, 94 Hope st.
Bra^.ilian Consul, Dr. Gonzaga, Filho, 189 Pittst.
Brazilian Vice-consul, James Mutter, 98 West
George street.
Chilian Consul, Alfredo Rojas 121 W. George st. ;
ho. 34 Ancaster drive.
Chilian Vice-consul, John C. Rogers, 204 Bath st.
Colombian Consulate, H. M. Brodie, canciller, 30
George square ; P. Shaw Liepmann, consul.
Costa Rican Consulate, Malcolm Cross, consul, 30
George square.
Cuban Consulate, James S. Macdonald, 103 West
George street.
Danish Vice-consul, A. H.agen Schow, 38 Hutehe-
son St.
Dominican Consul, William Taylor; Vice-Consul,
Francis Gilmour, 179 West George St.; notary,
Thomas M'Cosh, 196 St. Vincent street.
Ecuador Consul, Andrew Weir, 94 Hope st.
French Consulate for Scotland, 131 West Regent
street (11 to 4); Jules Coste, consul- gen.;
H. Hoflf, vice-consul ; G. Moir, clerk.
Gei-man Empire, Consul for, Johannes N. Kiep,
137 West George st.; chanceller, E. Jungius.
Greek Consul, George A. Tombazis, 173 St.
Vincent street.
Guatemalan Consul, Patrick Smith Dunn, 144
St. Vincent st.
Haytian Consulate, Robert J. Dunlop, 70 Well-
ington St.
Honduras Consul, Archibald Craig, 149 West
George street.
Italian Consul General for Scotland, 204 St Vin-
cent street ; George Breen, Consul General ;
R. A. Buchanan, vice-consul.
Japanese Consul, Albert Richd. Brown, 34 West
George street.
Liberian Vice-consul, Leonard Gow, 45 Renfield st.
Mexican Consul, Wm. J. Templeton, 203 West
George street.
Netherlands Vice-consul, Alex. Denham, Baltic
chambers, 50 Wellington St.
Nicaraguaa Consul, Thos. M'Arly, 29 West
George st.
Norwegian Vice-consul, Christian Grischotti, 141
We.st George St.
Ottoman Consul, James Mutter, 9 8 West George st.
Paraguayan Consulate ; Thomas Dunlop, 70 Wel-
lington street.
Persian Consul General in Scotland, Sigismund
Moritz, 226 West George street.
Peruvian Consul, Carlos G. Estenos, 121 St. Vin-
cent street.
Portuguese Consul, James Mutter, 98 West
George street.
Russian Vice-consul, Alex. Denham, Baltic cham-
bers, 50 Wellington street.
Salvador Consul, Archd Craig, 149 West George st.
Siam, Consul for, James W. Murray, 27 West
George street.
Spanish Consulate, 131 West Regent st.; consul,
Don Manuel de Contreras ; canciller, Don Jose
Legido O'Felan.
Swedish Vice-consul, Christian Grischotti, 141
West George st.
United States of America Consulate, 48 West
Regent street; consul, Samuel M. Taylor; deputy-
consul, John M'Fadzean.
United States Vice-consul, William Gibson, 48
West Regent street.

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