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Treasurer of Diocesan Foreign Mission Board — Rev.
H. W. Kirby, Lenzie.
Secretary and Treasurer of Diocesan Home Mission
Board (Bishop of Glasgow's Fund), G. A. Cadell,
There are also several additional missions, viz. :
— St, Cuthbert's, Calton, and St. Mungo's,
Hutchesontown (ia connection with St.
Andrew's), St. Patrick's, Partick (in connection
with St. Bride's), St. Paul's Mission (in connection
with St. Mark's), Newlands Mission (in connection
with St. Ninian's), and St. David's Mission (in
connection with All Saints').
St. Silas', Park Road, Rev. H. W. Bainbridge, 36
Lilybank Gardens.
Most Rev. John A. Maguire, D.D., Archbishop of
Glasgow, 160 Renfrew Street, Glasgow; Very
Rev. John Canon Ritchie, Diocesan Secretary,
1 60 Renfrew Street. Telephone, Corporation,
1232; Telegrams: Archdiocese, Glasgow. Very
Rev. Canon Mackintosh, diocesan inspector of
schools; Revs. J. W. M'Carthy, J. Taylor, J.
Morrison, and G. W. Ritchie, assistant inspectors.
Chapter erected 3rd January, 1884. Provost, H.
Chisholm ; Canons, J. Cameron, D. A. Mackintosh,
J. M'Cay, G. M'Brearty, J. J. Dyer (Penitentiary),
J. B. Macluskey, A. Taylor, James W. M'Carthy,
J. Ritchie (Theologian), and J. Toner.
St. Andrew's Cathedral, Great Clyde Street — Very
Rev. Jas. W. Canon M'Carthy, Rev. James Towie,
Bernard Lynch, and Florence M'Carthy.
St. Mary's, Abercromby St. — Very Rev. John J.
Canon Dyer, Myles Ambrose, John Brotherhood,
Thomas Joyce, and Patrick Diamond.
St. John's, Portugal Street — Very Rev. J. B. Mac-
luskey, Stephen A. Thornton, J. Fitzgerald, and
Justin White.
St. Alphonsus', 21 Great Hamilton Street — T. P.
O'Reilly, Dan. Scannell, and John F. Kelly.
St. Joseph's, 34 N. Woodside Rd. — Rev. A. Campbell,
John Charnock, Joseph Bamber, John Cuff,
Dominick Lickert, and Charles Dawson, S.J.
St. Aloysius', 21 Dalhousie St. — Very Rev. J. Gartlan,
R. Payne. Joseph Egger, Wilfrid Lomax, and F.
Bacon, S.J.
St. Patrick's, Hill St., Anderston — J. Mullin, D.D.,
P. Green, A. M' Donald, J. M'Menemy, A.
Mackintosh, and E. Lawton.
St. Mungo's, Parson St. — A. Carroll (Superior),
Cornelius M'Grath, L. Sherwood, B. Fitzherbert,
R. Morris, P. Barton, Henry Ward, and Alban
Kennedy, C.P.
Maryhill — Canon J. Cameron, Wilham Ahern, and
Daniel Colvin.
Springbum — J. L. Murphy, T. Kerr, and F. O'Driecoll.
St. Peter's, Partick— M. M'Nairney, J. O'Shea, M.
Ronajne, J. Gillespie, and T. Corley.
Govanhill, Holy Cross— W. P. O'Brien and T. Carlin.
St. Francis', Cumberland St. — Bede Wriglfy, Aloysius
Darvel, C. Wood, A. Mertens, P. Foley, Peter
Hickey, Charles Swift, and Dominic Roland.
Sacred Heart, 54 Old Dalmarnock Road — F. J.
Hughes, J. Bird, D. O'Sullivan, and James Nolan,
Our Lady and St Margaret's, Kinning Park — Canon
D. A. Mackmtosh, H. Gunther, W. Daly, and J.
Lambhill — P. Houlihan, 0. F. Claeys, and J. Shinnick.
Cambuslang — J. Stack, J. O'DriscoU, and P. Cush.
Milngavie— A. O'Brien.
Newton — L. de Menbeuere.
Tollcross — J. Kirk and M. Hennessy.
Parkhead— K. P. Rogan, D.D., E. Fitzgerald, Daniel
Gillon, and Thomas Barrett.
Port- Glasgow— P. M'CoU, Timothy O'Shea, and
A. MuUins.
Govan — Canon G. M'Brearty, J. M'Millan, M.
Quinlan, and W. O'Carroll.
Rutherglen — J. Toner, J. Rochead, and Denis
Shettleston-P. O'Connor, D.D., and J. Cahill.
Pollokshaws — P. F. Morrison, M.R., C. Cunningham,
and P. Ryan.
Franciscan Convent, 58 Charlotte Street — J. O'Neill.
West Thorn Reformatory — Rev. J. Laveth.
Convent of the Good Shepherd, Dalbeth — Rev. J.
Convent of Mercy, Hill Street, Garnethill — Served
from St. Aloysius'.
Convent of Notre Dame, Dowanhill — Served from
Franciscan Convent, Orchard, Crossbill — Served from
St. Anne's, David Street, Crownpoint — Rev. T.
Currie, B. F. Atkinson, and M. M'Grath.
St. Charles, Kelvinside — Rev. W. Stewart and J. J.
St. Saviour, South Avenue, Govan — Rev. Emile de
Backer and Rev. Louis de Backer.
St. Peter's College, New Kilpatrick — Rev. H. Forbes,
A. Lynch, P. Gallagher, and T. N. Taylor.
H.M. Prison, Duke Street and Barlinnie — Visiting
Chaplains, Rev. C. M'Grath and Rev. P. B.
M'Mullan, 36 Parson Street.
Vicariate Office of the Archdiocese of Glasgow —
J. Canon Ritchie, 160 Renfrew Street.
In the Archdiocese of Glasgow there are 232 Priests
and 114 Churches.
Comprising the Evangelical Union and the
Congregational Union as existing at 1896.
Bethany, Bernard Street, Bridgeton, D. E. Irons^
M.A., B.D.
Bridgeton, Muslin Street, A. D. Anderson.
Dalmarnock Road, Bridgeton, John M. Forsou.
Dundas Street, George Gladstone.
Eglinton Street, J. Ross.
Emmanuel Church, Overnewton, James Russell.
Govan, White St., E. J. E. Boon.
Govanhill, William Forsyth.
Billhead, Thomas Templeton, MA.
Hutchesontown, Rutherglen Road, E. Lloyd Morris.
Maryhill, Vernon Street, James Baxter.
Meadow park Street, Dennistoun, William Arnott.
Moncur Street, Calton, Wm. HaUiday.
Montrose Street, Charles Richardson, M.A.
New City Road, Wm. S. Todd.
Partick, Wesley Kelly
Pollokshields, Andrew Hamilton, M.A.
Rutherglen, A. N, Scott.
" Robert Whiteford.

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