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In addition to the above Rates the following
charges are made for the use of Shores, Tressels,
and other Plant kept at the Docks, viz. : — Vessels
not exceeding 500 tons gross, first four tides, 7s. 6d.
per tide; second four, 5s. per tide; and 2s. 6d. for
each additional tide. Above 600 tons and not
exceeding 1000, first four tides, 10s. per tide ; second
four, 7s. 6d. per tide ; and 5s. for each additional
tide. Above 1000 tons and not exceeding 1500,
first four tides, 12s. 6d. per tide; second four, 10s.
per tide ; and 7s. 6d. for each additional tide.
Above 1500 tons and not exceeding 2000, first four
tides, 15s. per tide; second four, 12s. 6d.; and 10s.
for each additional tide. 2000 tons and upvrards,
first four tides, 17s. 6d. per tide ; second four, 15s.
per tide; and 12s. 6d. for each additional tide.
The minimum charges to be for Four Tides.
The Plant is hired out on condition that the|
Trustees shall be relieved of all risk and responsi-
bility connected with its use. Plant destroyed or
damaged shall be replaced or repaired by the
The following charges shall, in addition, be made
against vessels, to meet the cost of replacing
and repairing cap blocks, viz. : — Vessels under
1000 tons gross, 10s. ; lOOO and under 2500, £1 ;
2500 and under 4000, £1 lOs.; 4000 and under
5500, £2; 5500 and undt-r 70''0, £2 10s.; 7000
and under 10,000, £3.
In each case of a vessel leaving dock a charge of
6d. per hour per man will be made for removing
rubbish and cleaning.
Rates fok Tramways.
1. — All Goods to or from any part of the Harbour,
irrespective of distance, per ton or part of a
ton, One Halfpenny.
But every single article exceeding eight tons,
inclusive of carriage, shall be charged such sum
as the Trustees think fit.
When the Trustees' Capstans are used there shall
be charged, additional, per ton or part of a ton,
One Halfpenny.
In the case of all goods dealt with by any of the
Trustees' Cranes, or by the Caledonian Railway
Company's Cranes at the General Terminus,
the Crane Rate shall be held to cover the use of
the Tramways and Capstans where provided.
2. — Every Calf, Pig, Sheep, Lamb, or other small
animal, One Penny per mile or part of a
3. — Every Horse or other beast of burden, and every
Ox, Cow, Bull, or Neat Cattle, Twopence pei
mile or part of a mile.
4. — Every Passenger, Twopence per mile or pari
of a mile.
In addition to the above a reasonable charge will
be made for loading and unloading for delivery and
collection of goods or other service done by the
Rates for Planks, Stages, and Rhones.
1. — For Planks or Stages for loading or s. d.
discharging vessels : —
For each Plank, or Stage, per week, or
part of a week, . . . .10
2. — For Rhones: for each Waggon of Coal
loaded therewith, . . . . .01
For each ton of goods loaded therewith, 1
For each Cart of Manure, . . . J
One Shilling extra on each Cargo for
removing the Rhone to and from the
Rates for use of Water.
For the supply of Water to Vessels entering and
using the Harbour and Docks, 8d. per Puncheon.
If for the supply of boilers for steam in such vessels,
the following reduced charges will be made, viz: —
Trading Vessels to be charged 2s. 6d. per 1000 gallons,
and new Vessels and Vessels fitting-out to be charged
3s. 4d. per 1000 gallons, either for the supply of
boilers for steam, or for testing boilers, or for testing
water tanks or ballast tanks.
Teems for Storage of Wood Goods.
I. All Wood Goods to be landed at such place or
places as shall be allowed by the Harbour Master.
II. When space is required for Storage, application
to be made to the Superintendent, or person in
change of ihe Yards, and the Wood Goods will be
stacked and piled in such manner and position as
directed by him, it being a first condition that Stacks
of each separate consignment shall not be of a less
average height from the gi'ound than Fourteen feet,
and Piles not less than Eleven feet; and it will be
the duty of the Superintendent, or person in charge,
to see that this condition is fulfilled.
III. Deals, Planks, Battens, Staves, and Lathwood
only shall be Stored in the enclosed yards at York-
hill, or at such other enclosed places on the Trustees'
premises as they may from time to time appoint.
All Round and Square Timber shall be stored at
such other places on the Harbour and Docks as the
Harbour Master may point out.
IV. No Goods other than those which have been
immedia'ely discharged from Vessels in the Harbour
or Docks to be Stored on any part of the Trustees'
V. On all Wood Goods stored as above, and not
under Cover provided by the Trustees, Rent will
begin to accrue thirty days from the arrival of the
Vesswl, and thereafter be charged at the following
Rates, viz. : —
Yorkhill, for any period not longer than One Year —
On Deals, Planks, Battens, Staves, and
Lathwood — In the South Yard, between
the Service Road and the River, per *. d.
month or part of a month, per ton, . 4

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