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M'Millan, Anthony C, C.A., City Chamberlain's
office ; ho. Dunard, Baillieston.
M'Millan, Anthony (of Wm. Simpson & Co.), ho.
625 New City road.
M'Millan, Archd., & Son, Lmtd., shipbuilders, Dock
yard, Dumbarton.
M'Millan, Archd., grocer and provision merchant, 145
Gamgad road ; ho. 2 Chatham place.
Macmillan, Archibald, wine and commission agent, 65
Bath street ; ho. 1 Kersland st.
MacmiUan, Archd. (of William Graham & Co.), ho.
34 Balshagray avenue, Partick.
M'Millan Bros., glass and emery paper and emery cloth
manufacturers, 100 John street, city.
M'Millan Bros., glue manufacturers, 100 John st., city.
MacMillan, Charles, writer, 219 St. Vincent street;
ho. 2 Chatham place.
MacMillan & Co., wholesale confectioners and general
merchants, 18 Gladstone st.; ho 63 G. Western rd.
Macmillan, C. C, M.Inst., Mech E., A.Inst., E.E., con-
sulting and inspecting engineer, 8 Hay burn cres,,
M'Millan, Daniel (of M'Millan Bros.), house, 13
Grafton square.
M'MiUan, Daniel, gi-ocer, 131 London road; ho. 16
Eoska drive, Dennistoun.
MacMillan, David (at F. Braby & Co., Ltd.), ho.
Arden- Olive, Tannoch drive, Milngavie.
M'Millan, David, butcher, 153 Kilmarnock rd.; ho.
3 Garment drive, Shawlands.
M'Millan, Donald, tailor and clothier, 152 Parliamen-
taiy road.
M'Millan, Donald, hatter, hosier, and outfitter, 476
and 478 Argyle St.; ho. 25 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Millan, Donald, traveller (at Jas. Leggat & Co.'s),
ho. 10 Stroiie ter. Dowanhill.
Macmillan, Rev. Donald, Kelvinhaugh Parish Church;
ho. 34 Granby terrace, Hillhead.
M'Millan, Donald (of H. M'MHlan & Co.), house, 39
Garthland drive.
MacMillan, D. P., carriage hirer and fureral under-
taker, Main st., Uddingston.
M'MiUan, Duncan, grocer and provision merchant,
194 Stobcross street; ho. 12 Smith st. , Hillhead.
M'Millan, E. A , Ltd.; registered office 87 St. Vin-
cent St.
M'Millan, Gavin, tea merchant and grocer, 542
Springburn rd.; ho. Edgefauld ho. Springburn.
M'Millan, Harry (at Smith & M'Kay), ho. Shalloch
Mill, Girvan.
Macmillan, H., & Co., lithographers and artists'
printers, 15 Drury st.
Macmillan, Hugh, church officer, John Knox street
Baptist Church ; ho. 89 do.
Macmillan, Hugh, C.A., Arihurlie, Kilmalcolm.
M'Millan, Hugh, fishmonger and poulterer, 603b
Govan road, Govan.
M'Millan, H. & J., fishmongers, 34 Queen Margaret dr.
M'Millan, H. Y., florist, 50 Sauchiehall street ; ho.
4 Cambridge drive, Kelvinside.
M'Millan. len, pianist, 44 Eoslea dr., Dennistoun.
M'Millan, James, canal office, Port Dacdas ; ho. 8
West End Park street.
M'Millan, James, produce broker and commission
merchant, 150 Ingram St.; ho. 21 Fotheringay rd.,
M'Millan, James (of James M'Millan & Co., 50 Wel-
lington street), ho. Barcaldine, Bearsden.
M'Millan, J. H., fishmonger, 147 Crown street.
M'Millan, James, & Co., engineer, Vulcan Iron Works,
Port- Dundas ; ho. 9 Buccleuch street.
M'Millan, James, plasterer, 20 Muirhouse street ;
ho. 18 Melville St., Pollokshields.
M'Millan, James, postman, 140 Raeberry st
MacMillan, Rev. James, M.A., clergyman, Newlanda
U.F. Church ; ho. Sunnyside, Monreith rd , New-
m'Millan, Jas., & Co. (successors to Chas. Bell),
ifon, steel, and copper merchants, Swedish iron
importers, coal and brick exporters, agents for the
North Eastern Steel Co., Ltd., Middlesborough;
Arboga Engineering Works, Sweden; makers of
tramway wheels, turbines, &c.; Baltic chambers,
60 Welhngton st.
Macmillan, James, & Sons, joiners and builders,
Milngavie ; ho. Victoria pL, do.
Macmillan, J. Archibald (R. Chrystal & Sons),
ho. 2 Willowbank cres.
Macmillan, J. C. (of Alex. Mathieson & Sons, Ltd.),
ho. 61 Roslea drive.
M'Millan, John, caretaker, Bath Chambers, 65 Bath
M'Millan, John, joiner, 258 Main street, Bridgeton ;
house, 368 do.
M'Millan, John, chemist and druggist, 17 and 693
Great Western road; ho. 4 Linwood ter., Hillhead.
Macmillan, John M. (Macdonald & Macmillan, Ltd.),
bo. 51 Melville street, Pollokshields.
M'Millan, .John F. (of Jas. Black & Co., 10 Garth-
land St.), ho. 55 Waverley gardens, Crossmy-
M'Millan, John, grocer and provision merchant, 734
Springburn rd.; ho. 5 Balgray hill.
M'MiUan, John, boot and shoe maker, 54 Elderslie
street; ho. 39 Warwick street.
M'Millan, John, auctioneer, valuator and assessor of
fire losses, 37 W. George street.
M'JIUlan, John, examining officer, H.M. Customs;
ho. 98 Gloucester st.
M'Millan, John G., wine and spirit merchant, 426
Springburn road.
M'Millan, John (at M'Millan & Marshall's), ho. 41
Thornwood dr., Partick, W.
M'Millan, John, commercial traveller, 11 Dudley dr.
MacMillan, John, & Co., structural engineers, sole
agents for Heywood's combination system of glazing,
cheapest and best; Gardner Sons & Co., Ld., Bristol,
m.akers of steel casements, and ornamental iron
work; Balmforth Bros., Ltd., Rodley cranes for all
purposes, 70 Wellington st.; ho. 114 Hanover st.
MacMiUan, John M. (of A. Martin's, 14 Dobbie's
loan), ho. 21 Minerva st.
Macmillan, J. Mathieson, L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Ed.,
L.D.S., dental surgeon, 41 Elmbank crescent;
telephone No. 381 (Corporation).
M'Millan, J. & W., plumbers and sanitary engineers,
1 Glen park street.
M'Millan, Joseph, solicitor, commissioner for the
Srates of New Vork and New Mexico, 112 Bath
St.; house, 97 Queensborough gardens. Kelvinside.
M'Millan, Lionel M. (at National Guarantee & Sui-ety-
sliip Association, Ltd ), ho. 61 Sardinia pi., HiUh'd.
M'Millan & MarshaU, wholesale stationers, printers,
and lithographers, 35 Montrose st.
M'MiUan, M., tobacconist, 660 Eglinton st. and 177
Albert road, Pollokshields.
MacmiUan, NeU, dairyman, 58 William st. Anderston.

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