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MacDonald, Donald P., & Sons, distillers ("Long
John"), Fort- William ; agent, James Meuzies, 68
Bath streef.
Macdonald, D. & J., branch of the Imperial Tobacco
Co. (of Great Britain and Ireland), Ltd.; office and
works, 26 Oxford street.
MacDonald, Donald H., Union Bank of Scotland,
Ltd.; ho. 4 Washington street.
Macdonald, Dugald, traveller (at Samuel Chisholm &
Co 's); ho. 109 K«nt road.
Macdonald, Dugald (of Macdonald Troupe), ho., 115
Dumbarton road.
M'Donald, Duncan, detective (Marine Police Office),
ho. 19 M' Alpine street.
M'Donald, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 79
Abiugton street; ho. 10 Carlton gardens.
M'Donald, Rev. D. S., Barony U.F. Church; house,
77 Hill street, Garnettiill.
Macdonald, D. G,, stationer, Linthouse Post Office,
47 Renfrew road; ho. 2 Drive road.
M'Donald, D. (of M'Donald & Wallace) ; ho. 8 Keir
street, PoUokshields.
M'Donald, D., church officer, Trinity Congregational
Church ; ho. Claremont street.
Macdonald, D. K., mill furnisher and brush
merchant. 70 Brunswick st. ; ho. 93 Main street,
M'Donald, Edmund, wine and spirit merchant, 22
Paisley road, W.; house, 402 Shields road.
Macdonald, Edwai-d EUice, headmaster, Billhead
High School ; ho. Heathville, Bearsden.
Macdonald, Eraser, & Co. (Ltd.), live stock salesmen,
63 Bellgrove street, horse bazaar, 24 Beidvale
M'Donald, George, chemist, 1009 Cathcart rd., Mount
Florida; ho. 997 do.
M'Donald, Geo. (of Burnbank Steam Laundry Co.),
ho. 110 Ingleby drive
M'Donald, George, butcher, 117 Nelson street, s.s.
Macdonald, Geo. (of Grierson & Macdonald), ho. 18
Ancaster dr.. Great Western rd.
Macdonald, George, house factor, property, and in-
surance agent, 18 Abboisford place.
Macdonald, Geo,, M.A., 41 Lilybank gardens.
Macdonald, George A.. C.A., 116 Hope street; res.
Giadsmuir, Kilmalcolm.
Macdonald, George, wine and spirit merchant, 488
and 490 Gallowgate; ho. 8 Berkeley terrace.
Macdonald, George (at H. Ottmaan), ho. 36 Seymour
street. Crossm} luof.
Macdonald, George, tailor, 51 Buchanan st. ; ho. 50
Nithsdale rd., Siratiibungo.
jM'Donald, George, butcher, 151 Paisley ix)ad, W.
M'Dona'd, G,, bird cage maker, 261 Buchanan
M'Donald & Hattan, coppersmiths, Clyde Copper
Works, 108 St. James st., Kinning park.
Macdonald, Hector (at M'Corquodale & Co.'s, Ltd.),
house, Madoc, Ibroxholm.
M'Donald, Hector U., tailor and clothier, Clydebank ;
ho. 1 Summerville street, do.
Macdonald, Henry W,, traveller (at Mitchell Bros.,
Ltd.), ho. 19 Harvey st.
Macdonald, H. C. (of John Macdonald & Son, 65
Renfield st.), ho. 3 Holborn terrace, Kelvinside.
M'Donald, Hugh A., traveller (Mitchell & Co., of
Belfast, Ltd.), ho. 370 Great Western road
M'Donald, Hugh, provision merchant, 98 Abington
street; house, 11 Braeside street,
Macdonald & Hunter, bedding manufacturers and
wholesale furniture warehousemen, 15 South Port-
land street.
Macdonald, James, & Co., tea merchants and grocers,
371 Springburn road; ho. 2 Syriam terrace.
Macdonald, James, writer and notary public (of Frame
& Macdonald), 104 West George street ; house, 8
Queen's crescent, W.
Macdonald, James, saddler, harness, and sporran
maker, 64 Eenfield st.; ho. 8 Carlton ter., Kel-
M'Donald, James, tailors' furnishings, &c., 43 Shuttle
M'Donald, James, engineers' rooms, 8 Carlton place.
M'Donald, Jas. & Co., coal merchants, 11 West
Regent street; ho. 21 Maxwell road.
Macdonald, James L. (Macdonald & Macmillan,Ltd.),
ho. 249 Whitehill st., Dennistoun.
Macdonald, James D. (at John Spencer's, 121 West
George St.), ho. 280 Crow road, Partick.
Macdonald, James, writer (of Macdonald & Kirkland)
103 Bath street ; ho. 2 Buckingham street.
M'Donald, James, slater, AdamsweU st. ; house, 18
Petershill rd.
Macdonald, James, examining officer, H.M. Customs,
45 Ravenswood dr., Shawlands.
M'Donald, James, agent for lorry builder, N.B.
Raihv.iy, SighthiU station ; ho. 52 Midton st.
Macdonald, James grocer and wine merchant, 488
and 490 Cathcart rd,; ho. 327 Victoria road.
Macdonald, Jas. A., H.M. inspector of schools, 23
Doune terrace.
MacDonald, J.,& Son, drapers, 75 Brunswick street;
house, 76 Roslea drive.
M'Donald, John, joiner, 17 and 19 South Woodside
road; ho. 51 Dorset street.
Macdonald, John (of John Macdonald & Son, 65
Renfield street), ho. 2 Garrioch gardens.
Macdonald, John, 14 Montgomerie quad., Kelvinside.
Macdonald, John, writer, 103 West Regent street;
house, l.'i2 Holland street.
MacDonald, John, & Son, bill-posters and adver-
tising contractors (established 1850). Circulars
addressed and delivered, sandwichmen and boards
supplied ; lists of stations and terms on applica-
tion ; office, 93 Buthwell st. ; telephone Nos.,
Nat., 610 Argyle; Corp., 4321; ho. Maybank,
358 Sauchietiall st.
M'Donald, John, & Son, messengers- at-arms, burgh
and sheriff officers, 12 St. Vincent place.
M'Donald, John (of John M'Donald & Son), 12 St.
Vincent pi.; ho. 7 Melville st., Pollobshields.
Macdonald, John, grocer and provision merchant,
582 Springburn road ; ho., 7 Kay st.
M'Donald, John (secy. Train & MTntyre, Ltd.), ho.
34 Huntly gardi-ns, Kelvinside.
Macdonald, John K., manager (The Singer Manufac-
turing Co., Kilbowie), ho. Whittingehame drive,
Macdonald, J. N. (of J. N. Macdonald & Co.), 58
West Regent street ; house, 235 Bath street.
M'Donald, John, ilesher, 203 Paisley road, west ; ho.
4 Clutha street, Ibro.t.
Macdonald, John D., traveller (Standard Iron Co.),
ho. 33 Rowallan girdens, Broomhill.
Macdonald, John, & Son, coal masters, 65 Renfield
St. ; depots, Cal. Ry , St. Rollos, W., and
Bridgeton cross; North British Ely., Haghill, Duke

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