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Kerr, Jas., & Co., coal merchants and contractors,
499 Crown street.
Kerr, James S., music publisher, 314 Paisley rd. ; ho.
420 Sauchiehall st.
Kerr, James F. (at Wm. Rankin & Son's), ho. 7
Wendover ores., Mount Florida.
Kerr, James, clothier, 74 South Portland street ; ho.
6 Maxwell place.
Kerr, James A., cashier (Simons, Jacob & Co.), ho.
37 West Graham st.
Kerr, James, cutter (at D. Angus's, 90 York st.), ho.
17 6 Kent road.
Kerr, James, draper and clothier, 4a North Cobnrg
St.; ho. Ness- Glen, Terregles avenue.
Kerr, James M.jGlencairn, 120 Maxwell dr., Pollok-
Kerr, James D., B.L. (of Kerr & Macnaughtan,
writers), ho. 8 Mariscat rd., Pollokshields, W.
Kerr, J. Graham, professor of Natural History,
Glasgow University ; ho. 15 Clarence drive.
Kerr, J. Watson, clerk H.M. Customs ; ho. Gowan-
bank, Bishopbriggs.
Kerr, Rev. John, LL.D., F.R.S., 31 La Crosse
terrace, Hillhead.
Kerr, John, 5 Regent Park square.
Kerr, John M., grain department, Caledonian Railway;
house, 9 West Princes street.
Kerr, John Smith (of Smith & Sharp), house,
Rosemount, Greenock.
Kerr, John (at Aird & Thomson's), ho. 33 Blyths-
wood drive.
Kerr, John G., M.A., LL.D., headmaster, Allan Glen
School ; ho. 15 India street.
Kerr, John, writer (Kerr & Barrie), 149 St. Vincent
Kerr, John D., bag and paper stock merchant,
134 George street; ho. 20 So. Apsley place.
Kerr, John Moffat, of Govan Ropework Co. Ltd. ;
ho. Strathyre, 260 Nithsdale rd., Dumbreck.
Kerr, John M. Munro, M.B., CM., F.F.P.S.G., 28
Berkeley ter ; telephone Nn. 55.
KeiT, John, pawnbroker, 177 Dalmarnock road.
Ken-, John, manuf^c. chemist, 268 Mathieson st.; ho.
1 Dryburgh avenue, Rutherglen.
Kerr, John, pawnbroker, 4 and 6 Rlackie st , and
1163 and 1165 Dumbarton road, Whiteinch ; ho.
10 Park drive. South, do.
Kerr, John (of Kerr & Turnbull), ho. 43 Annette st.
Kerr, John, & Son, boot, shoe, and leather mer-
chants, Campbell arcade, 34 Candleriggs ; branch
warehouse, 11 Royal arcade (head of Hope st).
Kerr, John B., clerk of works, 42 Finlay drive
Kerr, .Tolin, wood merchant atd firelighter manufac-
turer, 7 J Bowing Green ten; ho. 19 Playfair st.
Kerr & Lindsay, engineers and machinery agents,
Atlantic chambers, 45 Hope street. Telegrams,
" Utility," Glasgow; Corp. tele. No. 4327.
Kerr, Malcoloi, cashier (at Smith & Kay); house, 3
Springhill terrace, Crossmylo f.
Kerr, Matthew, grocer, 146 Gloucester street ; house,
161 Pollokst.
Kerr & Macnanghtan, writers, 135 Wellington st.
Kerr, Michael, hardware and stationery, 783 Gallow-
Kerr & Mitchell, coalmasters, Glenclelland and
Knovraoble Collieries, Wishaw; depots, St. Rollox,
Stobcross, and Kelvinbridge ; office, 5 West Regent
st;; telegraph address, " Colliery," Glasgow ; tele-
phone No. 967.
Kerr, Newton, & Co., coal exporters, ship owners-
and ship and insurance brokers, 34 West George
street; telephone Nos., Nat , 3284; Corp., 3284.
Kerr, Norman (of Kerr & Lindsay) ; ho. 8 Mariscaf;
read, Pollokshields, West.
Kerr, Peter, vocalist, 39 Garthland drive.
Kerr, Peter, master mariner, 51 Gardner st., Partick.
Kerr & Phillips, wholesale silver plate, spoon and
fork manufacturers, electroplaters and gilders, 74
Buchanan street, and Albin works, Birmingham.
Kerr, Richd., builder, Kersland house, Mount Vernon.
Kerr & Richardson, Ltd., wholesale and export
stationers, 89 Queen st.
Ker, R. Charles (at A. Mitchell, jr.'s Sons, 107
John street), ho. Rowandell, Muirhead.
Kerr, Robert, warehouseman, 60 St. Enoch square.
Kerr, R. Brown, resident secretary, Scottish Metro-
politan Life Assurance Co., Ltd., 107 Wellington
street; ho. 244 Langside rd.
Kerr, Robert, comb maker, spectacles, fancy goods,
brushes, toys, &c., 35 Paisley road, west.
Kerr, Robert, inspector Joint Line, 14b Bridge street;
ho. 159 Pollokshaws road.
Kerr, Robert, writer (of Fyfe, MacLean & Co.);
ho. 37 Melville st , Pollokshields.
Kerr, Robt., manufacturing jeweller and diamond
mounter, 101 St. Vincent st.
Kerr, Robert, glass and china dealer, 1052 Cathcart
rd; ho. 1048 do.
Kerr. Robert, provision merchant, 134 Rottenrow; ho,
30 M-Aslin st.
Kerr, Robert W., fruit merchant, 413 Gt. Western rd.;
house, 39 West-end Park street.
Kerr, Robert C, Harbour Master, Port Dundas; ho.
Victoria cottage, Hamilton hill.
Kerr, Robert, jobbing smith, 49 Kerr street ; house,
89 Cubic St.
Kerr, Robert, draughtsman (of G. Crow & Co.),
ho. 230 Calder street, s.s.
KeiT, Robert (of Robert Walker), 131 Govan st. ;
ho. 1 Cathkiw crescent, Mount Florida.
Kerr, Robert E. (of John Kerr & Son), ho. 9 Spring
gardens, Kelvinside.
Kerr, Robert (of G.P.O.), ho. 86 North Frederick st.
Kerr, Robert C., wine and spirit merchant, 21 Argyle
Kerr, Robert A. fat George Campbell & Co. 's); ho.
1 12 Calder street.
Kerr, Samuel, cabinetmaker, 145 St. Vincent lane ;
ho. 73 Drfle street, s.s.
Kerr & Scoular, dyers and cleaners of Ostrich fea-
thers, 64 Canning st., E.
Kerr, Thomas, smith, lockmaker, stair railer, electric
and mechanical bellhanger and gasfitter, 76 Norfolk'
court ; ho. 36 Warwick st.
Kerr, Thos. B 8. (of Kerr & Co., seedsmen, &c.);
ho. 1 Westbank quadrant.
KeiT, Thomas (of Thomas Kerr & Co.); ho. 8 Dun-
goyne gdns., Maryliill.
Kerr, Thomas, & Co., timber and stave brokers
Central Chambers, 93 Hope street.
Kerr, Rev. Thomas, R.C.C., St. Aloysius', Springburn
Kerr, T. K. & Co., silk scarf, handkerchief, and dress
manufacturers (power-loom), Dalmarnock Weaving
Factory, 9 Springfield road.
Kerr & Turnbull, merchant tailors, clothiers, and out-
fitters, 24 Union st.
Kerr, William, & Co., wholesale wine and spirit mer-
chants, 93 and 97 Lagram street.

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