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Holmes' Lights, sole wholesale depot in Scotland
for Holmes' original patent inextinguishable
marine signal lights to p-iss Board of Trade, 101
Waterloo st.»(late of 51 Oadogan st); telephone
No. 474 Argyle; telegraphic address, " Stephanos."
Holmes' Lights Co., Jos. R. Holmes,sole proprietor
and original introducer of the inextinguishable life-
huoy light, inventor and Government contractor of
torpedo indicating lights, " Beres'ord Detacher,"
" Victory " life - boat equipments, &c.; no agents,
or connected with any trader using the name of
Holmes ; beware of gross imitators, 65 West
Campbell st., and 13 York buildings, Adelphi,
London, W.C.
Holmes' Marine Life Protection Association, original
patentees and manufacturers of Holmes' lights, 101
Waterloo st. (late of 51 Cadogan st. )
Holmes' Ozone Co., bleacliing anci disinfecting fluid
maiiufacturt-rs, 55 West Campbell st., and 1.3
York buildings, Adelphi, London.
Holmes' Telephone, Telegraph, and electric
light construction Association, 55 West Campbell
St., and 13 York buildings, Adelphi, London.
HOLSTEAD, T. H. (G.P.O.), house. 67 Dunard st.
HOLT, E., hairdresser, 57 1a Gallowgate; ho. 503 do.
Holt & Smith, haiidre-ters and perfumers, 571a
Gallowgate and 351 Pai>ley road.
Holt, Son, & Co. , hosiery manufacturers, 45 Bridge
street; ho. 113 Somerville drive.
Holt, Thomas G., tobacco leaf importer, 25 Wellington
St., and at 6 Stanley st., Liverpool ; ho. Ashville,
HOLTON, F., commission agent, 28 St. Enoch sq.
Holy Cross Catholic School, Daisy st. Govanhill; Kev.
Wm. P. O'Brien, clergyman.
HoLYRooD (The) Steamship Co., Ltd., 81 St. Vin-
cent street.
HoLYTOWN Colliery Office ; James Nimmo & Co.
Ltd., 21 Both well street.
Holzapfel's Compositions Co. (Limited),
12 Waterloo street, and at London, Liverpool,
Cardiff, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Genoa, Hamburg,
Copenhagen, Sebastopol, and New York, with
agencies at principal ports of the world;
works, Gateshead - on - Tyne ; manufacturers
of International Antifouling Composition,
National Antifouling Composition, Improved
" Eahtjeu's " Antifouling Composition, Danboline
Anticorrosive Composition, Soapstone Anticorrosive
Paint for protecting inside of steamers and ships
and all steel and iron structures from corrosion ;
Lagoline Paints, Patent Enamel for coating sailing
ships. Telegrams, "Holzapfel," Glasgow; telephones
Nat., No. 1476 Argyle; Corp., 1476.
HOMBERG, Gustav, commission agent, 119 Virginia
place ; ho. 46 Cathkin road, Langside.
HUME, William, 3 Berkeley terrace.
Hojip: and American Laundry Supply Storas, 422
and 430 New City road, Uundry machinery en-
gineers and experts, repairs a specialty ; John
Kennedy, proprietor; ho. 49 Cambridge drive.
Home and Colonial Acetylene Gas Syndicate, Ltd.,
203 West George street ; manager's office, 173a
St. Vincent st.
Home & Colonial Stores, Ltd., tea merchants, 7
St. George's rd., Charing Cross, 120 Main street,
Anderston, 113 Canning st., Calton, 388 Dumbar-
ton road, Partick, 813 New ( ity road, 583 Gal-
lowgate, 188 Main street, Bridgeton, 37 Lang-
lands road, Govan, 1 4 8 Paisley rd. W, 34 3, 345
Cumberland st.; also in all the principal towns of
Scot and, England, Ireland, and Wales. Head
offices — 2 and 4 Paul ^t., Finsbury, London,
E.G.; Chief inspector of Scotch branclips, Le inox
Howell ; house, 5fl Kersland ttreet, Hillhead.
" Home " Golf Ball Press Co., golfing material, 20 St.
Vincent lane, E.
Home for Deserted Mothers, 308 Renfrew street; Mrs.
Graham, matron.
Home Pottery A^sfciation, O** Hope street.
Home for Respeciable Friendless Tirls, 260 Renfrew
Home Trade (The) Steam Carrying Co., Ltd. , 88 Great
Clyde street.
Homes : West of Scotland Convalescent Sea-
side Homes, Dunoon ; Robert Hillhouse, secre-
tary and treasurer; office, 4 Hanover st. ; telephone,
Ci>rpi)ra'ion, 43i«2.
Homoeopathic Chemist, M. F. Thompson,
member of the Pharmaceutical Society, 17 Gordon
St.. sole proprietor of Nervetoniue, for all nervous
affections, debility, nerve pains, rheumatism,
lumbago, &c. ; manufacturer of Thompson's
antibilious essence for biliousness, indigestion, in-
action of the liver, and all stomach derangements,
sole proprietor of new American solvent for
removing corns and bunions, and reducing enlarged
toe joints, 17 Gordon street — note the address.
Homceopathic Pharmacy, 17 Gordon st ; M. P.
Thompson, homoeopathic chemist (registered),
medicines in tinctures, pilules, globules, and tri-
turations ; medicine chests, and cases of every
description suitable for persons going abroad, for
tourists, and family use ; depot for the great
Scotch cure, Nervetoniue, for all nervous aifections,
debility, neuralgia, rheumatism, etc. — See Thom-
son's ''Guide to Health," free tr^m 17 Gordon
street, a few doors from Buchanan street.
Homoeopathic Pharmacy, " The Original "
(founded 1862); T. Robinson, M.e.S. and
MB.H.P.A.. proprietor, 28 West Nile st.. S W.
corner of St. Vincent st. ; laboratory and depot
for " Coca ypthols." the world-famed voice and
throat pellets, " Neurophosphine," for shattered
nerves, &c., &c., St. Vincent Pharmacy, 28 West
Nile street.
Homceopathic Pharmacy, W. H. Huggins, 298
Sauchiehall street.
HoNDDRAS Steamship Office, James and Alex. Allan,
25 Bothwell street.
HONEY, Mrs., teacher of pianoforte, 24 Sandyford
HONEYMAN, Alex, (at A & G. Gray's), 30 Bath
st eet.
Honey nan & Co., shipbiokers and stevedores,
12 Waterloo st.
Honeyrnm & Co., stevedores, 18 Berth, Queen's
Honeyman & Drummond, chartered accountants,
58 Bath St.
Honeyman, Geo. & David, warehousemen, 10 Clyde
terrace ; ho. Carnalea, GifTnock.
Honeyman, James, sohcitor, 68 West Regent street;
ho. 7 Elgin villas, Shawlands.
Honeyman, John, joiner, 40 North st., Whiteinch.
Honeyman, Jno , R.S.A., 23 West Cumbeila d st.
I Honeyman, Keppie, & M'Kintosh, architects, 140
Bath St.

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