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Hodge, William (of William Hodge & Co.), ho. 27
Montgomerie drive, Kelvinside.
Hodge, Wm, & Co., shorthand writers, 34 and 36
North Frederick st, and at 8 North Bank st,
Hodge, Wm. B., M.A., B.L., writer, at Smillie &
Blyth's, 180 Hope street.
Hodge, Wm. (of J. & T. Hodge), ho. 13 Park ter..
Hodge, W. T. (of W. T. Hodge & Co.) ; ho. Helens-
lee, Dumbreck.
Hodge, W. T. & Co , wholesale hardware, electric
fittings, and tile merchants, 49 Renfrew street.
Hodge, Annie, fishmonger and poulterer, 557 Duke
Hodge, Isabella, fishmonger, 351 Garocubo road; ho.
95 Linley drive.
HODGIN, James, tobacconist, 151a Garngad road ;
ho. 149 do.
HODGKINSON,F. A., & Co., shipping and passenger
agents, 34 West George st.
HodgkinsoD, James, manufacturer of Hodgkinson's
patent mechanical stokers, Bowman Bros, repre-
sentative for Scotland, 1 09 Hope street.
Hodgkinson, Kev. James W. , Incumbent of Emmanuel
Episcopal Church ; house, 227 Onslow drive.
Hodgkinson, W. C, & Co., Ltd., licensed horse
slaughterers, 150 Old Keppocbhill road, and 323
Kennedy street. Telephone Nos., National 1011
Rojal, Corporation 1653; telegrams, "Hodgkinson,
Glasgow." — See Adv. in App.
HODGSON, Jack & Co., shirt and collar manufac-
turers, 19 Queen st.
Hodgson & Simpson, Calder Soap Works, Wakefield;
Joseph Black, agent, 8 Wellington street.
HOECK, W. T., teacher of music, 3 Lansdowne cres.
HOEY, Donald M., draper, tailor, and outfitter, 176
New City road ; ho. 20 Doune terrace.
Hoey, Jas., draper, 164 Cowcaddens St.; ho. 193 do.
Hoey, James, draper and clothier, 57 Castle st. ; ho.
Alasdair, Langside road, Newlands.
Hoey, Samuel, warehouseman, 347 Springburn rd. ;
ho. Tighmonagh, Balgrayhill.
Hoey, Mary, milliner and draper, 17-19 Castle St.; bo.
Alasdair, Langside road, Newlands.
HOFF, Henri, French vice-consul, 131 West Regent
street ; ho. 60 Cambridge drive.
Hoffman's Starch, starch manufacturers; agents,
Jackson Brothers, 60 St. Enoch square.
Hofman, Mrs. Margt,, 22 Duncan avenue, Scotstoun.
HOFMAYER, B., teacher of music, 36 Wilton st.
HOGARTH, H., & Sons, steam and sailing ship-
owners, 70 Great Clyde street.
Hogarth, Hugh, shipowner (of H. Hogarth & Sons) ;
ho. 8 The Crescent, Ardrossan.
Hogarth, John, Royal Bank of Scotland ; ho. 54 Sin-
clair drive, Langside.
Hogarth, John (of Yorston & Hogarth, writers),
ho. 4 Maxwell square, Pullokshitlds.
Hogarth, Mrs. Finlay, 8 Walworth terrace.
Hogarth Shipping Co., Ltd., 70 Great Clyde st.
HOGBEN, Henry, teacher. Centre Street Public
School; ho. 30 M'CuUoch street.
HOGENDORP, Care], S. W. van, 284 Maxwell road,
HOGG, Alex., & Co., sugar merchants, 60 Virginia st.
Hogg, A. & A., & Co., accountants, insurance
agents, house factors, and business agents, 36
Dundas street, City.
Hogg, C. P., civil engineer (of Crouch & Hogg), ho.
12 India street.
Hogg, Charles, & Co., oil, chemical, and general mer-
chants, 44 West George street.
Hogg, David W. (of Alex. Hogg & Co.), res. Ardenlecj
Hogg, E. S. & Co., fruit brokers and commission
agents, 38 and 40 South Albion street; house, 26
George street.
Hogg, George, wine merchant, 243 Main street,
Bridgeton, and 90 Green street, Calton ; house,
Ferncraig, Old Kilpatrick.
Hogg & Heath, average adjusters, 19 Waterloo St.,
and at London.
Hogg, Henry, lieutenant of police, Central Police
Office ; house, 4 Kelvindale street.
Hogg, James, inspector. Master of Works office ; hoi
39 Brownlie street, Mount Florida.
Hogg, James, gi'ocer and spirit merchant, 202 Main
street, Maryhill ; ho. 48 Cumloden dr.
Hogg, John D., produce importer, 56 South Albion
St. ; ho. Westfield villa, Renfrew.
Hogg, John (with Gilmour & Dean); house, 5
Dudley drive, Partick.
Hogg & Mitchell, shirt and collar manufacturers, 1
Mitchell St.
Hogg, Richard, chemist and druggist, 357 Paisley
rd,; house, 18 Watt st.
Hogg, R. Martin (of Baikie & Hogg), house, 3 Kel-
burn avenue, Dumbreck.
Hogg, Robert, 163 Nithsdale road, Pollokshields.
Hogg, Robert, commission agent, 10 Princes square;
house, 2 Doune quadrant.
Hogg, Robert, bootmaker, 10 & 12 Green street,
Hogg, Thomas D., Bank of Scotland; ho. 100 Forth
St. , Pollokshields.
Hogg & Turnbull, wholesale provision merchants, 171
High st.
Hogg, William J., 87 Great Hamilton street.
Hogg, William, & Co., merchants, Mitchell lane, oflf
Buchanan st.
Hogg, William (of Wm. Hogg & Co.), ho. Leabrae,
Hogg, William, masons' tool maker, 58 Rumford st.,
Hogg, Mrs., oils, colours, and tobacconist, 129 Crown-
point rd.
HOGGAN, George B. writer (of Hill & Hoggan),
house, 8 Lynedoch crescent, and Rosebank, Largs.
Hoggan, John, & Co., stockbrokers, 166 Huchanan
St., and Stock Exchange.
Hoggan, John (of John Hoggan & Co.),res. Ardenvohr,
HoGGANFiELD Bleaching and Finishing Co., Ltdi,
bleachers, finishers, and dyers, Hogganfield, near
Glasgow; letter box, 235 Ingram street; telephone
Nat., 4684; Corp., Stepps 7.
HOLBORN, Alexander, wholesale sausage maker,
and pork factor, 24 Armour st. ; ho. 12 Broompark
Holborn, A. Cowan, B.Sc, head master, Mathieson
Street School ; ho. 10 W. Garden street.
Holburn, Rev. James, Bridgegate United Free
Church ; ho. 36 Garturk street.
HOLBBOOK, Miss Helen, teacher of piano, mando-
line, and singing, 29 Albert road, Crossbill.
HOLDEN & Brooke, Ltd., engineers; sole agent,
T. L. Davidson, 70 Robertson st

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