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Glasgow Eastern Co-operative Society, Ltd.;
registered office, 34 Dalmaruock road ; Eubert
Baird, general manager.
Grocery Shops: —
38 Dalmarnock road.
6 Abercromby street.
598c Gallowgate.
26 Springfield road.
202 Clay thorn street.
235 Duke street.
472 Duke street.
1 Carntyne road.
448 Gallowgate.
208 Dalmarnock road,
795 Oallowgate.
298 Main street.
657 Dalmarnock road.
45 Canning street.
68 John Kiiox street.
49 London street.
316 Gallowgate.
Ill Dunchattan street.
166 Sword street.
108 Roebank street.
90 Main street.
38 Carst'-iirs street.
490 Duke street.
32 Westmuir street.
914 Great Eastern road.
94 Dalmarnock street.
284 Cumbernauld road.
Butcher Shops : —
598b Gallowgate.
300 Main street,
196 Ciaythorn street.
42 Dalmarnock road.
3 Dunchnttan street.
28 Springfield road.
47u Duke street.
9 Easi Nelson street
9 Bain square.
204 Dalmaruock road.
24a VVe.-tmuir street.
278 Cumbernauld road.
Dairies : —
600a Gallnwgate.
32 Sprintifield road.
200 Ciaythorn street.
7 Dunchnttan street.
32 Dalmarnock road.
294 Main street.
6 East Miller street.
7 East Nelson street.
6 Abercromby street.
656 Dalmarnock road.
262 Baltic street.
38 Monteith street.
106 Roebank street
170 Sword street.
7 Carntyne road.
90 Dalmarnock street.
16 James Morrison street
26 Weatmuir street.
276 Cumbernauld road.
32 John Knox sti'eet.
898 Great Eastern road.
Coal Dep6t:—
Camlachie Mineral Station, East Nelson street
Bridgeton Cross Mineral Station, Dalmarnock rd.
Stables : —
254 Baltic street
Churning and Butter- making Department: —
254 Baltic street.
Production and Packing Departments: —
254 Baltic street.
Glasgow Eastern Merchants and Tradesmen's Society,
Jas. Stevenson, solicitor, secretary, 67 W. Regent
street -
Glasgow Elders' Assnciation, secretary, William
George Black, 88 West Regent street.
Glasgow Equitable Loan Co., pawnbrokers, 148
Renfield street; James Donegan, manager.
Glasgow Equitable L'>an Co., pawnbrokers; James
Morgan, manager, 4 Nelson street, s.s.
Glasgow Evening News, head office, 67 Hope
Branch offices
(where advertisements can be received).
9 Watt street, ^
120 Eglinton street, >- W. Buchanan.
17 Helen street. Go van, )
137 Main street, Gorbals, J. Kennedy.
169 C own St., J Kennedy.
92 London road, D. Wighton.
47 Charlotte street, J. Currie.
3 Kennedy street, Menzies & Co.
28 Dumbarton road, G. Dott.
286 New City road, .1. U. Smith.
578 Gallowgate, D. Wigliton.
9 New B'idge street, and 8 Well st, Partick,
J. Grant.
236 Hope street, J. M'N. Smith.
Glasgow (The) Excursions Co , Ltd., shipowners and
t'inrist agpnts, .53 Bottiwe.ll stree'.
Glasgow Eye Infirmary, 174 Berkeley street;
Ctiarles Black, house superintendent au'i collector;
dispensary, 80 Charloite street ; Jamfs *^ell, house-
kcf-per ; secretary and treasurer, William George
Black. 88 West Regent st.
Glasgow Fireligh er Co., iitelighter manufacturers,
Rockvilla bridge.
Glasgow ^The) Floorcloth & Linoleum Co.,
2(1 Glassford st. and 461 Paisley rd (Toll); also
at 9 Drummond st., Edinburgh, and 76 Overgate,
Dundee. The only company in Scotland exclus-
ively devoted to supplying the public direct with
waxcloths ani linoleums at wholesale prices. Cor-
poration telephone No. 1227.
Glasgow Foundry, Rae street, and James street,
Port-Dundas, John Law & Co.
Glasgow Foundry Boys Rehgious Society, Committee
Rooms, Christian Institute, 70 Bothwell st; James
Wilson, C.A., secy., 135 Wellington street; Robert
Oliphant, ireaiurer, 53 West Regent street.
Glasgow Friendly Loan Bank, James Neilson & Co.,
81 Wilson street, City.
Glasgow Furnitm-e Co., house furnishers, 148 West
Nile stieet.
Glasgow Galloway Institute ; William Robertson,
hon. secretary and treasurer, 144 Bath street.
Glasgow and Galloway Steam Packet Co., 86
Glasgow Garage and Motor Accessories Co., 96
Renfrew street.
Glasgow General Educational Endowments Board; W.
H. Macdonald, sec. ; Hill & Hoggan, treasurers;
John Wilson, assistant treasurer, 158 Ingi-am

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