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Sheffield ; agent, T. N. Brass, 6
Robertson &t
Spencer, John, & Sons, Ld.Newburn
Steel Works, Newcastle-on-
Tjne ; W. A. Dobie, agent, 11
Bothwell st
Taylor, James, jun. 61, 65 Blitchell
Walton, John, 36 Charlotte lane
Wardlow, S. & C. Portobello and
Congress Works, Sheffield;
\Vm. Muir, agent, 16 Regent
park ter
Adams & Co. 107 St. Vincent st
Bain, W. B. & J., 93 Holm st
Baird, Charles J. & Co. 27 Oswald
Caulfield & Co. 21 Jamaica street
and 31 Trongate
Crown Filter Co. 66 Bishop st.
Cummock, John, 45 Ropeworklane
Glasgow Patents Co Ltd. (Edmis-
ton's patent filter for feed water
of boilers), 120 Gt. Wellington
St.; city office, 11 Bothwell &t
Grant, John, 24, 26 Union st
Grosvenor, Frdk. Eagle Poitery,
60 Boden s-treet, London road
Haack, A. & Co. 140 Broomielaw
Henderton, Osbert, 107, 111
Union st
King, Alfred, 24 and 26 Union st
M'Glashan, John, & Co. 100
Stirling rd
Murdocii & Cameron, 115 Both-
well st
Murray & Co. Rutherglen
Pulsonieter Engineering Co. (Ltd.)
36 Robertson st
Sterne, L. & Co. (Mm.) The Crown
Ironworks, N. Wood.side rd
Thompson, Robert B. & Co. 45 E.
Howard st
Dowson, Taylor & Co. Ltd. 69
Buchanan street; "The Grinnell
S()riiikler; " J. H. Watson, re-
sident manager
London Fire Appliance Co., W. B.
Dick, 126 Buchanan street, 24
Queen st., 261 t'rownpoint rd
Kills, Geo. & Co , Radcliffe, Man-
chester, The ''Titan" Sprinkler;
agent, Jas. M. Sim, 2 Royal
Exchange ct., 85 Queen st
Teiinent, John, extinguishing, 56
Hope st
Wylie, Brown & Co., Ltd., 38
W'est street
Adam, Jas. (goods merchant),
Gjvan station, Govan
Adams & Co. 107 St. Vincent &t
Allan, John, & Son, enamellers,
Barlinnie Fire-clay W'ks, Cum-
bernaulfl road
Baird, J. F., 7 and 9 Canal st.,
Port- Eglinton
Baird, Thomson & Co. 20, 22, 24,
and 26 Bath st
Bourtreehill Coal Company, manu-
facturers of every desciiption of
fire-clay goods for home and ex-
port trade; specialties, white and
yellow enamelled fcullery sinks,
wash-tub8,baths,cljsers and milk
codlers, enamelled bricks, white
and coloured, enamelled tiles for
conservatories, &c.; works, Dreg-
horn, Ayrshire; Glasgow olfice,
120 to 130 Salkeld street
Brown, R., & Son, depot, 360
Eglinton st
Browulie, P. S. & Co. makers of
enamelled bricks, enamelled
siuks, wash tubs, and all de-
scriptions of sanitary ware.
Crown Fireclay Works, 20 E.
Nelson street
Burns & Glover, 23 and 25
Oswald st
Calder Fire-clay Co. Calder Brick
Works, Coatbridge
Craig, J. & M. (telephone No.
965), makers of enamelled
bricks, enamelled sinks and
washtubs, Buchan's sanitary
appliances, sewerage pipes, and
every description of tire-clay
goods, 98 Commerce st.
Currie & Co. (Telephone No. 544
and 662), 27 Wellington st. city;
depot. Cook st. station
Dunlop, James, & Co. Ltd. 97
Bath street
Farnley (The) Iron Co. Ltd.,
Farnley, near L^eds ; agent,
Julius V. Scott, 40 St. Enoch sq
Forbes & Co. agents, 7, 9, and
11 Clyde place, s.s. ; telephone
No. 3623
Forbe?, Geo. N., 17 to 21 Port-
Dundas rd. and '22 Hope st
Garnkirk Fire-clay Co. 243 Bu-
chanan St. ; depot, St. Rollox
Gartcraig Fire-clay (Jo. 18 Charles
St. St. Rollox; depot, Monkland
Canal basin ; works, Gartcraig,
by Shettlestou; telegraphic
address, " Gartcraig ;" telephone
No. 1299
Gartliston Fire-clay Works; office,
95 Bath ht.
Gartverrie Fire-clay Co. Glenboig
Gilmour, John, & Co. manufac-
turers of glazed sewerage pipes,
chiirmey cans, patent vents,
wall coping, white and coloured
enamelled bricks, white lacing
and fire bricks, enamelled sinks,
wath-out closets, garden edg-
ing, &c. 10 Cook St. s.s.; works,
Bonnyton, Kilmaraock ; tele-
phone No. 1651
Glenboig Union Fire-clay Co. (Ld.)
offices, 4 W. Regent St.; depot,
head of Glebe st. St. Rollox. —
See AJv
Goldie, James & Son, 40 St.
Enoch square
Heathfield and Cardowan Fire-clay
Co.; offices, 52 R bertson st.
Hillhead Fire-clay Works, Kilmar-
nock ; telephoneNo. 965 ; depot,
98 Commerce st
Howie, J. & K. Huriford Fire-clay
Works; agent-!, Currie & Co.
27 Wellington st. city ; manu-
facturers of fire bricks, facing
bricks, enamelled bricks, baths,
sinks, wash tubs, closets, cis-
terns, chimney cans, sewerage
pipes, and every description of
sanitary fireclay goods
Hunter, Wm. & Co. 49 Jamaica st
Hurll, Mark, white and teira-cotta,
red and blue facing bricks, teira-
cotta chimney cans, sewerage
pipes, &c. ; works, Garscube
and Ku'ghtswood, Mafyhill, and
Cleghorujby L'lnark, 95 Bath st
Hurll, Peter, Gartlioton Fireclay
Works, Glenboig ; office, 95
Bath st; depot. Glebe street, St.
Rollox; telephone No. 147
M'Ara, Alex- 65 Morrison st. s.s.;
telephoneNo. 1500. — See Advt.
in Appen.
Morison, John, & Son, agents, 133
Argyle street
Morrison, Wm. B. & Son, 110 W.
Regent st
Morton, John (of John Gilmour &
Co.), Bonnjton Works, Kilmar-
nock, and 10 Cook st. Glasgow;
res. Lonsdale. P.rslaud rd. Kil-
marnock ; telephoneNo. 1651
Murdoch. Alex. 11 West Regent st
Murray & Stewart, (lelephoue No.
965), depot, 98 Commerce st
Omoa Fire Clay Co. 1 1 W. Regent st
Perceton Fire-clay Works, Kil-
maroock (telephone No. 965),
depot, 98 Commerce street
Rankin, Jas., goods merchant, 165
Eglinton st
Scott & Rae ; depot, 348 West st.,
West Street Siation ; office, 67
Bothwell St.; telephone exchange
No. 1380
Shaw, Jonn, 26 Apsley pi
Speirs, Gibb, & Co.; depot, 10
Canal st. Port Eglinton
Stewart, R. B. &' Co. 120-130
Salkeld St.; telephone No. 4770
Wilson, Wm. &Son, 21 Hope st
Wood, Jas., Ltd., Etra and Atlas
Brick Works, Bathville, Arma-
dale station; office, 28 Royal
Exchange square

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