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Wilson, Matliew, principal of the Glasgow Model
Schools, 23-t George street.
Wilson, M., & Co., school-book depository, 232
George street; house, 23i do.
Wilson, Peter, of D. Turner 4' Co.; 229 Argyle
street ; residence, Cardross.
Wilson, Peter, grocer, 151 West Regent street.
Wilson, Robert, at Itu/lis (j* Wakefield's ; house, 96
Regent terrace, Stirling's road.
Wilson, Robert, of J. cf F. Wilson; house, 91
North Hanover street.
Wilson, Robert, at William Wilson (f Son's; house,
Westfield terrace, Partick hill.
Wilson, Kubert, dairyman, 217, 219 Holm street.
Wilson, Robert, agent for Falkirk Patent Alum
works, G9 Ingram street.
Wilson, Robert, smith, gasfitter, and bellhanger, 93
Norfolk street and 12 North Coburg street.
Wilson, Robert, engraver, wood artist, and mechani-
cal draughtsman, 42 jMacfarlane street.
Wilson, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 474 Gal-
lowgate ; house, 478 do.
Wilson, Robert, importer of foreign goods, watches,
watch materials, &c., 13G Buchanan street ; ho.
61 Eiderslie street.
Wilson, Robert, 142 Renfrew street.
Wilson, Robert, grocer and victualler, 101 Hospital
street; house, 102 do.
Wilson, Robert, miller and grain merchant, Slitt and
Bishop niills, Partick.
Wilson, Ross, spirit merchant, 85 Main st, Anderst.
Wilson, Samuel, eating-house, 5 Tennant street.
Wilson, Samuel, of Knox, Ilulion, tj- Wilsoii; house,
329 Bath crescent.
Wilson, Samuel, of Wilson 4' Co., glass, cutter ; ho.
62 Abbotsf'ord place.
Wilson, T., & D., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 145
Ingram street.
Y\'ilson, Thomas, victualler and grocer, 5i Drygate;
house, 50 do.
Vrilson, Thomas, sewed muslin manufacturer, 95
Hutcheson street ; house, 6 Kelvinbaugh street.
V/ilson, Tliomas M., of Uannan, Kerr, ij- Co., 71
West Nile street.
Wilson, Thomas, of Mitdtell tf Wilson; house, 18
Great Clyde street.
Wilson, Thomas, weaving manager, Adelphi Worlcs ;
house, 133 Crown street.
Wilson, Thomas, at John Gray cj- Co.'s; house, 214
Crown street.
Wilson, Thomas, at Engineer's qljice, Canal office,
Port-Dundas; house, Old basin.
Wilson, Thomas II., at Washinc/ton Street Sin/ar
Refinery; house, 18 Walmer crescent.
Wilson, V/m., at M-Dougall cj- Son's, 4 Adelphi st.
Wilson, Wm., grocer, 2G William St., Cowcaddens.
Wilson, Wm. Fettes Gordon, commission agent, 132
South Portland street.
Wilson, Wm., baker, 24 Finlayst. ; house, 26 do.
Wilson, Wm., & Sons, boot and shoe makers, 150
Buchanan street.
Wilson, Wm., & Co., iron masters, Kimieil Iron
works ; ofBcc, 36 St. Vincent place.
Wilson, Wm. C, writer and N.P., 35 Hutcheson st. ;
house, 432 Parliamentary road.
Wilson, Wm., q/" IT'j^. Wilson cf Sons ; house, West-
field terrace, Partick hill.
Wilson, Wm., mason and builder, Graham street,
off Cambridge St.; ho, 163 Coffcaddeus street.
Wilson, Wm., baker, 61 Thistle street ; house, 133
Crown street.
Wilson, Wm., commission agent, 12 Gordon street;
house, 63 Abbotsford place.
Wilson, Wm. M., writer, at Moncrieff, Paterson,
Forhes, df Burr's; house, 11 Buecleuch street.
V»''ilson, Wm., & Son, patent brick and li!e makers,
builders, and potters ; works, Campbellfield, 740
Gallowgate, and Muirbouses, 354 Eglinton street;
office, Campbellfield.
Wilson, W. T., of Stewart, Wilson, cf- Brodie; lio.
Caddcr hill, Kirkintilloch.
Wilson, William, slater and plasterer, 114 Main
street, Gorbals.
Wilson, Wm. Stow, of Port- Eglinton Sjpinning Co. ;
house, 1 1 Woodside crescent.
Wilson, William, victualler, 73 Stockwell street ;
house, 133 Crown street.
Wilson, William, brassfoundsr, 115 High street;
house, 6 Stirling street.
Wilson, Wm., provision merchant, 199 Thistle st.
Wilson, Wm., boot and sb.oemaker, 77 St. Vincent St.;
house, 72 Cambridge street.
Wiison, W'm., of Wilson cj- Maiheson ; residence,
^Vest lodge, Pollokshields.
AVilson, 'Wm., of William Wilson (J- Son, builders ;
house, Campbellfield, 678 Gallowgate.
Wilson, W. F., 41 Arlington street,
Wilson, William W., stationer, bookseller, book-
binder, news agent, and musicseller, 169 Main
street, Gorbals; house, 167 do.
Wilson, William, boiler maker, Lilybank boiler
works, 325 to 349 Eglinton street ; ho. Crosshill,
Queen's park, near Cathcart.
Wilson, William, spirit dealer, 42 Maxwell street.
Wilson, Wm., bar officer and keeper of the sherill"s
chambers. County buildings.
Wilson, William, cab proprietor, 59 West street,
Tradeston; house, 146 Nelson street, do.
Wilson, William, edge-tool maker, 9 Eagle lane.
Maxwell street ; house, 70 Robertson street.
Wilson, Wm., confectioner, 6 Canning St.; ho. 24 do.
Wilson, Mrs. A., 4 Adelphi street.
Wilson, BIrs. Arthur, fruiterer and confectioner, 31
Bedford street.
Wilson, Mrs. David, 124 Blvthswood terrace.
Wilson, Mrs. F. F., lodgings', Elgin pi., 197 Pitt St.
Wilson, Mrs. J., 15 Elmgrove place, Holland st.
Vt'ilsou, Sirs. Js., wine &spirit dealer, 31 Garscube rd.
Wilson, Mrs. James, lodgings, 45 Eglinton street.
Wilson, Mrs. James, 228 West George street.
Wilson, Mrs. J., milk dealer, 13 Carriok street.
Wilson, Mr?., Clarence place, 139 Sauchiehall st.
Wilson, Mrs. John, grocer, 227 Duke st.; ho. 229 do,
Wilson, Mrs. Robert, dairy, 28 North .\lbion street.
Wilson, Mrs. William, 9 South Apsley place.
Wilson, Mrs., milliner, 74 Canning street ; house, 24
East Rose street.
Wilson, Sirs., strav.'-hat maker, 335 High street.
Wilson, Mrs., tobacconist, 97 Nelson St., Tradeston.
Wilson, Miss Christina, milliner, 74 Paisley road ;
house, 37 South Portland street.
Wilson, Miss, green-grocer, 131 West Campbell st,
Wilson, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 89 High
John street.
Wilson, Miss Elizabeth, lodgings, 32 G Dumbarton
road, Radnor terrace.
Wilson, Agnes, tobacconist, 61 King St., Tradeston ;
house, 230 Thistle street.

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