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trades' and professions' directory.
Milne, "Wm. S. (Brebner & Grant)
56 St Nicholas street
Nicoll, Alex. (Wm. Stevenson) 5
Belmont street
Ragg, James (Stephen, Mitchell,
and Son, Glasgow)
Eobb, R. W. (Souter and Shep-
herd) 22 Broad street
Eiddell, John S. (J. J. Kennedy)
Market street
Smith, Wm., 36 Upperkirkgate
Thomson, Wm. (G .Collie & Co.)
4 St. Catherine's wynd
Williamson, Jas. (J.J. Kennedy)
Market street
Webster, George (John Hall) 43
Broad street
John T. (Melville and Sons)
108 Gallowgate
Will, John, 21 Springbank terrace
Gonfectioneirs and Pastxy
Bain, Mrs, 10 Marischal street
Balfour, James, 180 George st.
Bisset, Joseph, 149 Gallowgate
Both well. A., 16 Broad street
Duffus, Alex., 11 Castle st., and
3 Market street
James, 86 Union street
Edward, John, 36 Union place
Glegg, Eobert, 215 Union street
Lockhart and Salmond, 92 Union
M 'Donald, John, 37 Basement
floor, Market
M'Killiam, B. and W., 54 Broad
Robert, 28 Union st., and
38 Upperkirkgate
Milne, John, 30 Union place
Seller, Wm., 50 Castle street
Shepherd, Wm., 27 Broad st.
Smith, Alex., 29 Park street
Wilson, Hugh, 47 Regent quay
Those marJced * are fishcurers.
Bell, John, 16 Windmillbrae
Courage, James, 177 Gallowgate
*Gordon, Charles, 57 Green
James & Co., 2 Chronicle
John, 2 Garvock street
Kelman, John, 151 Gallowgate
Michie, George, 7 Barnett's close
Nicol, Alex., Red Lion court,
Broad street
Ross, Angus, 15 James street
Wilkin, John, 13 Virginia street
*Williams, James and Son, 13
Virginia street
Blaikie, J. & Sons, Littlejohn st.
Elmslie, John, 69 Windmillbrae
Gordon, H. and Co., 1 Gallowgate
Brown, Charles 39 Schoolhill
Catto, Wm., 37 Netherkirkgate
Duncan, Thomas and Son, 20 St,
Nicholas street
M'Gee, Richard, 47 Schoolhill
Simpson, George, 30 Broad street
Cotton Manis-factuireirs.
Milne, Low & Co., 127 Union
Robinson, Crum, and Co., Ban-
Cruziriei's and Skinnezs.
Clyne, William and Sons, 28
Berry Lane
Hacket, John, Jack's brae
Laing, James, 38 George street
M'Kenzie, Alex., 13 Denburn ter-
Roberts, David, 17 Princes street
Rodger, James, Gilcomston Tan-
Sim, William, Newbridge Hard-
Watt, James, Newbridge Hard-
John and Sons, 134 and 136

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