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Anderson, James, 75 Union st.
Brand, Alex., 103 Union street
Clark, George, 75 Union street
Crombie, John, 3 Queen street
Fletcher, Robert, 17 Huxter row
Frater, James, Town-house
Lunan, Wm., S. N. E. Railway
M'Aldowie, John, 5 King street
Marquis, George 147 Union st.
Masson, Andrew, 4 Queen street
Meston, James, 75 Union street
Milne, Alex., 72 Wales street
Morgan, James (D. R. Co.), 24
Adelphi court
Mowat, Wm., 22 Adelphi court
Paterson, Samuel (G. N. of S. R.
Riddel, Thomas (Savings' Bank)
Sim, Alex. (Bank of Scotland)
Sinclair, James A. (Record office)
Smith, James (Leith and Clyde
Shipping Co-)
Francis (N. of Scot. Bank)
Wm. (N"orthern Assurance
Steele, Wm., 30 Marischal street
Sutherland, Alex., Commercial
*,... Hector, 63 Loch street
Adam & Anderson, 75 Union st.
Wm., jnn., 62 Skene street
Robert, 29 Union street
Allan, George 56 Castle street
.John, 22 Constitution st.
Anderson, Wm„ 75 Union street
Angus, John, Town-house
Barron, Lambert, 124 Union st,
Bonnyman, C. D., 74 Union st.
Brebner, Jas., Advocates' build-
ings, Union street
Bryce, James, 12 Adelphi court
Burnett, Newell, Record office
Cadenhead, John, 9 Huxter row
Cattanach, D. G., 56 Castle st.
Chalmers & Farquhai-, 147 Union
James Hay, 149 Union st.
Chivas, Alex., 42 Castle street
Clark, John, 3 Queen street
Clerihew, Francis, 5 Union place
Clyne, Nerval, 184^ Union street
Collie, Jas. and George, 38 Castle
Daniel, Alexander, Record office
Davidson, John, 3 Queen street
Davidsons and Cooper, 7 Union
Dawson, J. G., 14 Adelphi court

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