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Wyllie, David and Son, stationers, booksellers to the Queen
and Prince Albert, public circulating library, 111
Union street
.. James (of D. Wyllie & Son), 12 Garden place
Wyness, Andrew, flesher, 13 Market hall, h. 4 Donald's ct.,
20 Schoolhill
John, flesher, 21 Market hall
Mrs, lodgings, 13 Skene terrace
YARROL, John Neville De, ostrich-feather maker, 81 King
Yates, H. C. (I. Machray & Co.), 158 King street
Yeats and Flockhart, advocates, 84 King street
and Spottiswood, advocates, 46 King street
Alex., advocate, 2 Correction wynd, h. 149 Crown st.
George, silk mercer, 87 Union street, h. 149 Crown st.
John (of Yeats and Flockhart), Kincorth, near Church
of Nigg
Peter, boot and shoemaker, 54 John street
Thomas, jun., flesher, 37 Market hall, h. 12 Spittal
Wm., advocate (of Y. and S,), 1 Union place
„....» Mrs George, of Auquharney, Wellington place
Mrs, Alex., 47 Schoolhill
Young. Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 65 Woolmanhill
, David, messenger (S. N. E. R. Co.), (jruild street
, James, clerk (H. C. Oswald), 24 Marischal street
,....= John, musical instrument maker, 32, h, 30 Netherkirk-
Wm., shipmaster, 4 Affleck street
, Wm., baker, 23 Hardweird
Mrs, Twin cottage, Holburn street
Miss, 34 Bon-accord terrace
Miss, 2 Golden square
Miss, dressmaker, 30 Netherkirkgate
Youngson, George, grocer, 1, ^. 34 North Broadford
John, grocer and spirit dealer, 34 North Broadford
James, boot and shoemaker, 126 Chapel street, h, 1
Thistle street
.. .. John (Lucknow tavern), 13 Exchequer row
... .. Robert (of R. Y. & Co.), 24 Constitution street
Robert & Co., sailmakers. Theatre lane, Regent quay
...... Thos. A. W. A., advocate, agent for Queen Insurance
Co., 74 Union street, h. 29 Bon-accord terrace
Mrs Major, 29 Bon-accord terrace
Miss M. A., matron (House of Refuge), 45 Guestrow
Younie, William, cabinetmaker, 12 St. Paul street and Ross's
court, 6 Upperkirkgate
Yule, Alex., ironmonger, and dealer in India rubber goods,
94 Union street, h. 22 Kidd lane

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