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Will, George A., collector (A. S, N. Co.), 1 Millburn street
James, M.I)., 11 King street
John, commercial traveller, 21 Springbank terrace
Thomas, 1 Millburn street, Ferryhill
Willans, Samuel, manufacturer and stoneware merchant,
170 Gallowgate, 7i. Friendlybank, Mounthooly
Willett, Joseph T., timber merchant and commission agent,
Bon-accord saw mills. Inches, h. 64 Dee street
John, civil engineer, office, 123J Union street, h. 35
Albyn place
Williams, James and Sons, coopers and fishcurers, 13 Vir-
ginia street
James, warehouseman, 13 Virginia street
Robert (of J. Williams & Sons), 23 Virginia street
Wm,, commission, wine, and spirit merchant, 19 , li. 20
Regent quay
Wm., grocer and house agent, 16 St Andrew street, h.
204 Gallowgate
Mrs, dressmaker, 1 Frederick street
... .. Jane, sick nurse, 1 Gordon's court, 22 Gordon street
Williamson & Simpson, candlemakers and tallow chandlers,
79 Wales street
Adam, haircutter, 40 Castle street
.. .. Alex., house agent and register office, 103 Union st., h.
39 Union terrace
...... Alex., flesher, 45 Market hall, h. Wester Kinmundy,
...... George, sen., flesher, 30 Market hall, ^. Wester Kin-
mundy, Skene
, George, jun., 44 Market hall, ^. Rubislaw
James (of R. Catto and Co.), 152 Crown street
James, jun., flesher, 39 Market hall, h. Wester Kin-
mundy, Skene
James, sen., flesher, 49 Market hall, h. Cornhill, Old
Jas., commercial traveller (J. J. Kennedy), 178 George
...... John, jun., flesher, 5 Market hall, h. 26 Summer st.
John, sen., 40 Market hall, h. Wester Kinmundy, Skene
Wm., M.D., 239 Union street
William, flesher, 36 Market hall, h. Cairnfield, Old
...... Wm., teacher (Boy's hospital), 19 Upperkirkgate
Wm. (of Williamson and Simpson), 81 Wales street
Mrs Wm., 34 Albyn place
Mrs B., 239 Union street
Mrs P., 143 Union street
, Miss, lodgings, 56 Chapel street
Willock, Robert S., temperance hotel, 56 Union street

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