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Webster, Thomas, late merchant, 89 Wales street
Wm., baker and confectioner, 4, h. 6 Skene terrace
Wm., tape factory, Woohiianhill, h. QQ Skene square
Mrs, midwife and sick nurse, 12 Spa street
Miss A , teacher (West Parish School], 36 Union ter-
Weigh-house, Quay ; John Duncan, taxman
Weir, Alex., baker, 83, h. 90 Gallowgate
Mrs, 2 Affleck street
Miss, dressmaker, 9 Diamond street
Welch, James B., manager (Broadlord works), 88 Skene
West-end Academy, 216 Union street; rector, Dr Fergusson
Reading- Rooms, 199 Union street
West Parish School, 185 George street
of England Fire and Life Assurance Co. ; agents, Geo.
Cadenhead, advocate, 9 Huxter row, and James
Asher, commission agent, 115 Union street
Westland, James, manager (N. of S. B.) I King street
Mrs, 32 Skene street
White, James, tiesher, 15 and 16 Market hall, h. Millbank
place, North Broadford
John F., grain and flour merchant, 107 King street, h,
16 Bon-accord square
John, fish dealer. 8. 9, and 58 Basement floor, Market,
h 2 Carmelite street
.. .. Robert, surgeon 50 College street
Whitecross Wm., Custom house agent, 19 Crown street
Mrs, sick nurse, 16 Summer street
Whyte, Alex. B. (of Siinpsf)n & Whyte), agent for J. Cock-
burn and Campbell, wine merchants, Edinburgh,
21 Union buildings, h. 19 Utnon place
James, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 St Clement st.
John (of Simpson and Whyte), 52 Dee street
Patrick, tobacco and snufF manufacturer, 22 and 24
Queen street, h. 183 King street
Mrs, 58 Summer street
Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, 57 Dee street
Wigham, Mrs Mary, 5 Caroline place
Barbara, 33 North Broadford
Wight and Shanks, engravers and lithographers, 12 St
Nicholas street
Wildgoose, James, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 20
Shiprow, h. Marywell bank
Wilkie, Misses, 1 Prospect terrace, Ferryhill
Wilkin, James (Williams and Sons), 13 Virginia street
John (James Williams and Sons), 13 Virginia street
Wilkinson, John, superintendent, locomotive department (S.
N. E. R. Co.), Deemount cottage, Ferryhill

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