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Strachan and Sherriffs, tea and coffee merchants, 3 St Nicho-
las street
George, shipmaster, 14 Virginia street
..... John, coffee roaster, coffee, sugar, and spice grinder,
Jack's brae
John, turner, 71 Windmill brae, h. Dee village
J. (of Strachan and Sherriffs), 28 Thistle street
Wm., Ruthrieston
Wm., of Moreseat, Stocket, h. Moreseat
Mrs, 11 Denburn terrace
Mrs, sick nurse, 1 Blackfriars street
Mrs A., Hardgate
Misses, dressmakers, 11 Constitution street
......; Miss, milliner, 1 Queen street
Strahan, Eev. W. D., governor (Gordon's Hospital)
Strath, John (Alexander Ogston, 84 Loch street), 152 George
Strathdee Distillery, Cupar stone
Straton, Mrs, lodgings, 22 Broad street
Stronach and Duguid, advocates, 71 King street, factors for
Robert Gordon's Hospital, Colyhill Trustees, and
Mitchell's Hospital, Old Aberdeen
Alex, (of Stronach and Duguid), 71 King street, and
Sunnybank, Old Aberdeen
Alex., jun., advocate and accountant, 43 Belmont st.,
A. 17 Ferryhill place
...... Alex., feuar, Cuparstone place
Stuart, Alexander, writing master (Gordon's Hospital) and
teacher of writing and stenography, 1 Holburn
..... Alex., 78 Chapel street
Alex. G., agent for J. S. Virtue, publisher, London,
1231 Union street, h. 28 Union terrace
Andrew, stamper (Post Office), h. 1 Holburn street
Charles, shipmaster (Wave of Life), 4 Alford place
George, 26 Skene square
John, stoneware merchant and funeral waiter, 98, h<,
100 Green
...... John S. (G. N. of S. R.), 1 Holburn street^
...... Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Netherkirkgate
Wm., spirit dealer, 17 Justice street
Wm., road surveyor, 1 LesHe place. North Broadford
Wm., boot and shoemaker, 28 Schoolhill
Mrs Andrew, grocer, 13 Wales street
Mrs Wm., 33 Thistle street
Mrs register office, 62 George street
Mrs, grocer, 78 Chapel street
o Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 62 George street
Sturrock, John, ironmonger, 1 St Nicholas street

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