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Stewart, Gordon, mason (of Birnie & Stewart) 30 Justice mill
James, city missionary, 5 Carmelite street
James, flesher, 1 and 2 Market hall, h. 29 Union st.
... .. James, flesher, 105, 7i. 107 George street
John (of Stewart, Eowell Stewart, and Co.), Craigie-
John, shipmaster, 20 Prince Kegent street
John, late mail guard, 14 Upper Leadside
John, teacher of Thain's school, 52 Shiprow
John, maltster and brewer, 69 Virginia street, & 20
Mealmarket street, h. 64 Park street
John, flesher, 20 Market hall
Peter, plumber, brassfounder, and gasfitter, 12 School-
hill, h. 4 Northfield, Gilcomston
Eowell Stewart, & Co., comb manufacturers, Hutcheoia
Thomas, agent, 6 Broad street
Walter R. (of C. & W. S.) 52 Victoria street west
Wm., timber merchant (of G. M. & Co.) 41 Dee st»
Ann, flesher, 3 Market hall, h. 10 Carmelite street
Mrs Alex., 5 Mackie place
Mrs J., 13 Carmelite street
Mrs Kenneth, 11 Union terrace
Mrs Peter, laundress, 43 Bon-accord street
Mrs, lodgings, 3 Trinity quay
Mrs, 7 Constitution street
Mrs, 7 Union place
Miss, 85 Bon-accord street
Miss E., milhner and dressmaker, 2 Chapel street
Miss, 59 Dee street
Miss, 57 Park street
Still, Dr. Charles S., 104 Crown street
Robert, blockmaker, 15 Prince Regent street
Mrs Andrew, spirit dealer, 17 York street
Miss, Elmbank, Hardgate
Miss, 23 Thistle street
Stirling, George, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, IS
Castle street, h. Westerton of Pitfodels
Rev. James (United Presbyterian Church, George st.),
4 Caroline place
.....a John, artist, 115 Union street
J. J., flesher, 46 George street, h. 6 Constitution street
Mrs, 43 Victoria street west
Stock Exchange, Victoria court, 54 Castle street
Stopani, Rev. Wm., Chapel house, Huntly street
Stott, John, furnishing tailor. Commercial court, 58 Castle
,,..., Wm., spirit dealer, 22 Albion street

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