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Smith, Mrs John, Rosebank, Hardgate
, Mrs John, 30 Queen street
Mrs Wm., midwife, 15 Denhm^n terrace
,. .. Mrs Wm., Clarmont cottage, Cuparstone
Mrs, 6 Frederick street
Mrs, 31 Shiprow
Mrs, housekeeper, Eoyal Infirmary
Mrs, 3 Charlotte street
Miss, 5 Wellington place
Miss, late of Birss, 12 Chapel street
...... Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 49 Bon-accord st.
Miss, dressmaker, 17 Denburn terrace
Miss, 15 Rose street
Miss, 73 Bon-accord street
...... Miss, 5 Skene place
Miss, draper, 54 George street
Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 95 West North street
Miss, 4 Little Chapel street
Misses, Hector's houses, Holburn place
Misses, dressmakers, 32 Union terrace
Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 2 South Silver st.
Snowie, Wm., mariner, 5 Constitution street
Sorley, John, reedmaker, 62 George st., h. 11 Princes st.
Sorrie, Mrs, mealseller, 77 Virginia street
Soup Kitchen, 41 Loch street
Souter and Shepherd, wholesale druggists and drysalters,
Cruden's court, 22 Broad street
& Slaker, painters, glaziers, & paper-hangers, 24 Green
D., teller (N. of S. B.), 9 Strawberry bank
Wm., shoemaker, 4, A. 6 Park street
Wm., merchant, 10, h. 9 Hanover street
Wm. (of S. & S ), 35 Whitehouse street
Mrs, 9 Strawberry bank
Mrs James, 62 Dee street
Mrs, lodgings, 89 Union street
Souttar, Robert, shipmaster, 38 Park street
Wm., clerk (G. N. of S. R. Co.), Froghall cottage
Spanish Vice-Con sul, Arthur Thomson; office, Bank of Scot-
land court, 35 Castle street
Spark, Andrew, flesher, 4 Market hall, h. 26 Summer st.
George, grocer, ship chandler, and spirit dealer, 8 Gar-
vock street, h. 1 St Clement street
Wm., professor of music, 28 Queen street
Wm. (of Craigiepark), Craigiepark
Mrs, 61 Wales street
Speid, Alex., 172 Skene street west
Wm., advocate, 16 King street, h. 71 Gallowgate
Spence, Rev. Alex. (Free St Clement's Church), Castlehill
Basil, 16 Constitution street

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