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Smith, Arthur, painter & glazier, 30 Quay, h. 49 Commerce
Charles & Co., grocers, wine and spirit merehants, 23
Windmill brae, and I College street
Charles (of Gordon & Smith), 67 Dee street
..... Charles, merchant tailor, 9 Skene terrace, h. 53 Vic-
toria street west
Charles (of Smith and Kamage), 14 "Wellington street
.... David, clerk (A damson and Home), 25 Marischal
Ferguson, writer, 23 Adelphi court, 7i. Westfield (East)
Francis, accountant (N. of S. B.), Balnagarth, Pitfodels
George, shipmaster, 24 Constitution street
George, wright, 6^ Causewayend
George, 49 West North street
George, boot and shoemaker, 62 Broad street, h. 3 J
H. Ambrose, F.I. A., secretary (Northern Assurance
Co.), 5 East Craibstone street
Rev. James (Greyfriars) 40 Constitution street
James (of Gill and Smith), 78 Union street, h. 3 Rubis-
law place
James, publisher (Northern Advertiser), Mary cottage.
. James (of L. and J. Smith), 89 Crown street
James, printer, M'Combie's court, 50g Union street
James, boot and shoemaker, Holburn street
James, house carpenter, 7 St Mary's place, Crown
James, accountant (Lei th and Clyde Shipping Co.), 261
George street
James, gardener, 20 Trinity street
James upholsterer, 102 King street, 7i. 9 Princes st.
James, salmon fisher. Thistle cottage, Ruthrieston
John, manager (Steam Navigation Co.), 87 Waterloo
quay, h. 1 Wellington street
John, advocate, 262 Union street
John, merchant, 80i Waterloo quay, h. 72 Commerce
John & Co., iron and nail merchants, 5 Shoe lane, and
30 Longaere
John, pharmaceutical chemist and druggist, 159 Skene
...... John, Newbridge, Hardgate
John (late of Rotterdam), 5 Alford place
John, bookseller and stationer, 57 Union st., ^. 1 Rubis-
law place
John, cabinet maker, 33, h. 20 Castle street
John, printer, 57 John street

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