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Kobertson, George, spirit dealer, 74 Green
George, mason, 123 Chapel street
...... George, ironmonger, 207 Gallowgate, Ji. 2 Gerrard
George, jun., clerk (T. & C. B.) 1 Prospect terrace
George, meal and barley warehouse, 59 Green and
Hilldown tree
George, saw miller, Leggart
James, haircutter and perfumer, 20, h. 26 Broad street
„ . James, teacher (St Clement's Parish School)
John, stabler, 6 Mealmarket street
John, clerk (Robertson and Cook), 3 Wellington street.
...... John, warehouseman, 12 Canal street
John, watchmaker and jeweller, 10 and 11 Market gal-
John, grocer and spirit dealer, 52 West North street, h.
above shop
John, advocate (Lumsden and Robertson) 3 Union ter-
Robert, tailor and clothier, 1 Correction wynd, Ti.
Grant's court, 49 Upperkirkgate
Robert, ropemaker, 127 Cause way end
Robert, shoemaker, 43 George street
... .. Wm., wright, 9 Whitehouse street, li 95 Chapel st.
William, spirit dealer, 5 Marischal street, h, 80 George
...... Wm., stoneware merchant, 88 George street, h. 24
Blackfriars street
Wm., granite and marble works, 258 Union street, h. 7
Huntly street
Wm., teacher (Holburn school), 38 Chapel street
Mrs Captain, of Prospect terrace
Mrs, midwife, 40 St Clement street
Mrs, lodgings, 13 Marischal street
Mrs, midwife, 51 Virginia street
Mrs, provision agent, 209 Gallowgate
Mrs, inn and lodgings, 13 Guestrow
Mrs, lodgings, 31 Diamond street
Miss, 13 Diamond street
Miss, milliner and importer of French millin-ery, 217
Union street
Miss, 1 Albyn place
Miss, 124 Crown street
Miss, dressmaker, 35 George street
Misses, 29 Castle street
Misses, 29 Union street
Misses, teachers, 116 George street
Robinson, Crum, & Co., cotton spinners, Bannermili

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