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Scotch Episcopal — > Bishop Suther, D.C.L...25, B on- Accord Ter.
St. Andrew's King Street)" N, K. M'Leod, 11, Union Row.
Principal Beadle— William EUwood, Brebner's Court, 9, Castle Street.
Scotch Episcopal —
St. John's... St. John's Place.. . John Comper.
Principal Beadle — William Baillie, 25, Chapel Street.
St. Mar^sTempo^^aSferrection^-derick George Lee, P.S.A. Fountain-
Wynd > ^^'^^'•
Principal Beadle — George Oldman, Leslie Place.
Church of England —
St. Paul's 61, Gallowgate ...F. W. B. Bouverie, B.A., 189, Union Street.
Church of England —
St. James' ^...CroWn Street
Principal Beadle — Wm. Stevenson, 52, Summer Street
United Presbyterian. St Nicholas LaneJaraesM'Kerrow, B.A...86, Bon-Accord St.
Principal Beadle — George Simpson, 57, Green.
United Presbyterian... George Street... James Stirling 4, Caroline Place.
Principal Beadle — John Nicol, 16, Northfield, Gilcomston.
United Presbyterian... Belmont St J. C. Brown, LL D 156, Crown Street.
Principal Beadle— Magnus Fobester, 14, Kidd Lane.
United Presbyterian... Charlotte St John B. Ritchie 86, Crown Street.
United Presbyterian.. .St Paul Street... Andrew Dickie Apple Bank, Spittal
Principal Beadle — WiUiam Crichton, 17, Forbes Street.
A.ssociate Synod Skene Terrace... John M 'Kay 26, Skene Terrace,
Principal Beadle — William Souter, 6, Park Street.
Methodist (Wesleyan) Longacrc.John Reacher 44, Constitution St.
Principal Beadle — James Jamieson, 5, Fish Street.
Congregational George Street... David Arthur Maybank Cottage.
Principal Beadle — Robert Gilbert, 45, George Street.
Congregational Dee Street David Wallace Whitehall.
Principal Beadle— John Ross, 2, Nelson Street.
Congregational Blackfriars St.. .Thomas GiMUan 14, North Silver St.
Congregational Park Street John Duncan 17, Constitution St.
Evangelical Union St. Paul St Fergus Ferguson 3, Strawberry Bank.
Principal Beadle — John Milne, 7, Shiprow.
Baptist George Street.. .Alex. Anderson j^' ^^^grdeen ^^"^
Baptist (English) John Street Geo. Samuel Mee 51, Victoria St. West
Baptist (Scotch) South SUver St.
CathoUc Huntly Street... j^f ^ Sutherland...ChapelHouseHuntlyct.
■^ (Wm. tetopam Chapel do. do.
Principal Beadle — Alexander Aiken, 48, Longacre.
Unitarian George Street.. .W. S. Smith 66, Hutcheon St.
UnitedChrist. Church.John Street Hugh Hart 70, Dee Street.
Friends Gallowgate Various.
Glassite St. Andrew St. ..Various.
Northfield Mission...| Q^cS^gto;! [ Alex. Laing 142, Skene Street.
Gallowgate Mission ...140, Gallowgate Thomas Brown 33, North Broadford

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