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iedbn I. — 1|itWk "^^tbtnm girectorg.
Postmaster — William Mitchell.
Clerics — Robert Ctoming, George Wood, Duncan Collie, Robert Frasee,
Laurence Jaffrat, Alexander Bisset, Peter Cobban, and James
Stampers — Andrew Stuart, James Tatlor, John Reith, and Peter Diack.
Letter Carriers — Alex. Smith, Charles Wilson, William Salmond, David
Fraser, James Fraser, Robert Ritchie, John Ross, Isaac Forsyth,
Thomas M 'Guffie, Jemes Mutch, and Thomas Buchan.
Collector — Daniel B. Preston.
Comptroller, Comptroller of Accounts and Landing Surveyor — Robert Smith.
Clerics — Alexander Ltell, Alexander Macfarlane, William Whitecross,
and John Horne.
Searchers, Land and Coast Waiters — David Bremner and James Turner.
Tide Surveyor — George M. Thomson.
Inspectors of Patrol — George Johnston, Alex. Taylor, and Robert Goodwin.
Tidewaiters and Patrol. 1st Class — Alexander Gillanders, John Johnston,
Robert Reid, and William Gibb. 2nd C/ass — Duncan Dean, James Cat-
TANACH, George Milne, Alex. Garden, (1 Vacancy).
Lockers and Weighers — John M'Intosh, James Collie, and Wm. M'Callum.
Boatmen — Andrew Forbes, Thomas Smith, James Cassie, and James I>ikat.
Housekeeper — George Middleton.
Custom-House Agents and ShiplroTcers — William Whitecross, Alex. R. Dyer,
and Charles Burgess.
Principal Coast Officer at Newburgh — Wm. Gregor.
Coast Guaxd.
Inspector Commander — Capt. Fred. Warren, R N.
Chief Officers — T. B. Glover, Bridge of Don; John Garner, R.N., Cove Bay ;
Thomas Lapenotiere, Muchals ; , Katteriine
Sets of Captain Manby's Life Appai-atu3 are placed in charge of the Officers
at Bridge of Don, Cove Bay, and Stu ehaven.

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