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1— Extent of City.
Aberdeen, at present, reckoning only the extent fully built on and inhabited, is
about 7 miles in circumference.
2— Population.
By the census of 1851, the population amounted to 71,973. The returns stated
the number of inhabited houses at 5839, with 17,356 separate occupiers.
The population of the City and County, in the same year, was 214,658.
Estimated population of City for 1860, 79,429. (When this portion of the Di-
rectory was being printed, the enumerators were engaged in takmg up the census
for 1861. We hope to be able to give the results by the time we arrive at the
The number of Electors on Parliamentary Eoll for the year iending Whitsun-
day, 1861, was 8537.
Member of Parliament for the City — Col. W. H. Stkes.
3.— Burgh Eental.
The rent or yearly value of all Lands and Heritages within the Parliamentaiy
Boundary (including unlet Property) for the year ending Whitsunday, 1861,
amounted to £193,162 7s. The yearly value of Railway Property within foresaid
bounds amounted, for said period, to £4,733 16s. 2d., making in all £197,896
3s. 2d.
4.— Corporation Funds.
The Accounts of the Corporation for the year ending 30th September, 1860,
show a total revenue of £23,961 6s. 2d. ; and the expenditure, £23,246 17s. 9d. ;
leaving a surplus of £714 8s. 5d. The amount of Treasury Stock, as at the
last noted date, was— Cr., £257,0041 17s. 8d. ; Dr., £164,312 3s. lid.; Balance,
£92,692 13s. 9d. — this balance being, however, subject to the surplus expenditure
and interest on the Kirk charge, which amounts to between £1000 and £1100

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