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Farquhar & Gill, colour and varnish manufacturers, glass and
oil merchants, wholesale dealers in paperhangings and
mouldings, Drum's lane and St. Paul street. Tele-
phone No. 215
Farquhar, Alexander, com. trav., West Park, Clifton road
Farquhar, Arthur, manager (A. Hall & Co.), 327 Holburn st.
Farquhar, George, warehouseman, Bellevue, 18 Canal terrace,
Woods id e
Farquhar, George, hosier and woollen draper, 16 Castle street,
h 26 Constitution street
Farquhar, George, foreman pattern maker (A. H. & Co.), 27
Cotton street
Farquhar, George, slater, 42 Union row, Telephone No.
718 ; h b Albert terrace
Farquhar, George, 15 Ftjreat avenue
Farquliar, George, jun., slater, 9 Don street, h 1 Canal street,
Wood side
Farquhar, James, house carpenter, 20 Broomhill road, h 34
Braemar place
Farquhar, John, stonecutter, 23 Bank street
Farquhar, J. D., slater, 394, Ji 494 Great Northern road
Farquhar, Robert, 455 Great Western road
Farquhar, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 35, // 29 Chattan place
Farquhar, Wm. A. G., physician and surgeon, 216 Union grove
Farquhar, Mrs, 16 Rubislaw terrace
Farquhar, Mrs S., lodgings, 10 Sclioolhill
Farquh arson & Co., family grocers and wine mer-
chants, 131 Union street. Telephone No. 168
Farquharson, Charles, flesher, Kingcausie Cottage, 316 Hol-
burn street
Farquharson, . George, house carpenter, 5 Harriet street, h 574
George street
Farquharson, H., fishcurer, Pointlaw, h 55 Dnthie terrace
Farquharson, James, family grocer, 65, h 63 St. S within street.
Telephone No. 1560
Farquharson, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 86, h 88
John street
Farquharson, James, builder (Wm. Farquharson), 22 Watson
Farquharson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 125 Park street,
and 67, /i 65 Jasmine terrace
Farquharson, John, late farmer, 37 Westburn road
Farquharson, Peter, house proprietor, 3 Albyn place ,
Farquharson, Wm., builder, Fraser road, h 87 Argyll place
Farquharson, Wm., fish dealer, 8 and 9 Basement, Market, h
36 Mount street
Farquharson, Wm. C, postman, 20 Hartington road

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