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Speir, Thomas, of Bunibrae and Blackstoun — residence,
Biirnbrae House
Speirs, Alexander, of Speirs & Gibb — house, 5 Caledonia st.
Speirs, David, & Co., manufacturers, 167 George street —
dyeworks, Blackball
Speirs, David, of David Speirs & Co. — bouse, 9J Stevenson
Speirs, Francis, confectioner, 1 Wellmeadow
Speirs & Gibb, coal merchants, Stoney brae and Under-
wood depots
Speirs, John, grocer, 64 Millarston
Speirs, W. A. & J., china, crystal, and waste merchants,
15 Wellmeadow — house, do.
Spence & Pinkerton, ham curers and wholesale provision
merchants, 62 Storie street
Spence, John, of Spence & Pinkerton — house, 62 Storie
Sproul, Alexander, spirit dealer, 6 Union street, Charleston
Sproul, Andrew, smith and farrier, 10 Lylesland
Sproul, Daniel M., agent, 34 Glen street
Sproul, James, teacher, Neilston road school — house, 45
Sproul, John, baker, 18 Lady lane
Sproul, William, broker, 29 New Smithhills
Spruel], Andrew, smith and veterinary surgeon, 8 Christie
Spruell, Mrs Robert, 8 Christie street
Stalker, John, silk, wool, and cotton dyer, Bridge street
dyeworks (Newtown) — house. Spring Bank cottage,
Love street
Stalker, Mrs, 23 Abbey street
Standford, William, officer Roman Catholic Chapel — house,
4 East Buchanan street
Stark, Mrs, matron Female House of Refuge, Stow place
Steel, James, fishmonger and poulterer, 1 High street —
house, 23 Abbey street
Steel, Robert, manufacturer, 52 Caledonia street
Steel, William, watchmaker, 12 High street
Steen, James, general dealer, 11 Old Smithhills — house,
28 Thread street
Steven, William, cowfeeder, 13 Prussia street
Steven, William, ropemaker, sacking, &;c., 82 High street
— house, 33 do.

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