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British Linen Co. 's Bank, 1 Cotton st. — John Peden, agent
Brock, John, gardener, 32 Storie street
Brodie, David, foreman, Saucel Distillery
Brodie, Robert, accountant, National Bank — residence, Car-
riagehill House
Brodie, William, of Cowden & Brodie, 13 Canal street
Brooks, James, hairdresser, 2 Gauze street
Brough, David, silk mercer, 109 High street — ^house, 34
Oakshaw street
Brough, John, grocer, 46 Millarston
Brough, Peter, late merchant, 1 Oakshawhead
Brown, Andrew, George place
Brown, Andrew, of William Brown, jun., & Co. — ^house,
Egypt Park
Brown, David, of William Brown &; Son — ^house, 13 Old
Brown, George, of William Brown, jun., & Co. — house,
Egypt Park
Brown, George, hatter, 87 High street — house, 38 New
Bro"\Yn, Hugh, baker, 56 Causeyside
Brown, Hugh, yarn merchant, 15 Causeyside — house,
Egypt Park
Brown, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, 31 Calside
Brown, James Shaw, Burgh inspector of poor — office, 8
New Sneddon — house, 3 Back Sneddon
Brown, John A., of Brown & Poison, Thrushcraig House
Brown, John, broker, 11 Broomlands
Brown, John, of Brown & Poison, Thrushcraig House
Brown, John, of William Brown & Son, muslin manufaC"
turers, Thrushcraig House
Brown, John, traveller, 66 Back Sneddon
Brown, M., hosier, 4 Moss street— house, 33 Oakshaw
Brown, Matthew, manager of Hawkhead Mills Bakery, 18
Brown, Misses, 3 Back Sneddon
Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 3 Back Sneddon
Brown, Miss Elizabeth, teacher senior department, Stow
Brown, Mrs, carter, 15 Back Sneddon
Brown, Mrs John, flesher, 21 Smithhills — house, do.
Brown, Mrs John, furnished lodgings, 3 Back Sneddon

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