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Trade and Professional List. xxxv
^Mr^eofts— Alex. C. Miller, M.D. ; John MacnauKhton, M.B.
CM. ; D. G, Macarthur, M.D.
Saddlers— "^ m. Macmaster, Marshall & Pearson
G.E. and Archi(ects—John Paterson, L. & J. Falconer
Steamboat Agent— John Macphee
Baihoay Su,permtendent— Geo. Innes
Tailors and Clothiers- John Macintvre, Angus Macdonald, James
Fraser, D. Mackinnon, P. Maclennan &"Co.
Tobacconists— Ww. Swan, P. Macfarlane, H. Mitchell & Son, J.
Watchviaker—Engeibert F. Angler, R. Anderson
Archifect and Civil Engineer— Alex. Mackenzie.
Auctioneer— Alexander Crerar
Banks— BrUUh Linen Company, Alexander Macphersun, agent;
Caledonian Bank, Alexander Macdoiigall, agent.
5(X^vrs— James Grant, Macpheraon Bros., John Taylor
Beer, Portn\ and Wine Merchant-Peter Watson
Bhchsmith — George Macdonald
Cabinetmakers and Joiners— K Campbell, William Ross, Murdoch
Campbell, D. & J. Stewart
Coal Merchant— A. Cameron
Druggist— Mrs Walker
Drapers— Lach]a.n Mackintosh, George Sellar, G, Tytler
Dressmakers— Lonisa Cameron, Misses Ross & Macpherson, M. and
K. Macdonald
Fleskers— Mrs Mackenzie, Grant Brothers
Game Dealer and Poulterer— A. Cameron
Grocers-A\ex, Crerar, D. Campbell, George Sellar, Mrs Campbell,
Peter Watson f i
Hay, Corn, and Potato Merchant— A. Cameron
Hotel Keepers and Carriage Hirers— Mrs Pullar. W. Wolfenden
and D. Macpherson ' '
Ironmongers— Peter Watson, Ewen Campbell
Ma.son Contractors— James Macdonald and A. Cattanac h
-Plu?nbers—E[igh Ross, Wlliam Grant
Registrar — John Mackenzie
PuStmisiress — J ess\e Mackenzie
Sheriff Officer —\Y. Anderson
Shoemakers — D. Macpherson, J. Grant, Mackintosh Brothers
Sporraoi Maker — Alexander Macfarlane
Solicitor— A. Macpherson, solicitor and bank-agent
Tailors— John Macpherson, James Ferguson, L. Mackintosh
Wafchinakers and Jeivellers—J ames Goulder and Donald Mackin
Architects —John Mackenzie, James Mackenzie
Atictiotieers—J. & P. C. Mackenzie
5a?i^s— National B ink of Scotland, Alex. Macdonald, agent-
North of Scotland Bank, James Simpson, agent; Caledonian Bank
D Maclachlan, agent
Baker — Roderick Mackinnon

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