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Proudfoot, David, porter, 87, High street
Proudfoot, James, mason, 224, High street
Proudfoot, James, tailor, 125, South street
Proudfoot, Mary, washerwoman, 199, South street
Proudfoot, Mrs, lodgings, 189, South street
Proudfoot, William, warper, 33, North Methven street
PuUar, John, shoemaker, 130, South street
PuUar, John, silk-dyer, 36, Mill street
PuUar, John, baker, 95, South street — .house, 97
PuUar, Misses, washers and dressers, 104, South street
PuUar, Mrs. James, vintner, Ii79, High street
PuUar, Robert & Sons, manufacturers, 35, Mill street
PuUar, William, mason, Melville street
PuUar, WiUiam, weaver, 126, South street
Raffan, Mrs. vintner, 24, Kirkgate
Ramsay, James, Bridgend
Ramsay, James, 9, North Methven street
Ramsay, James, tailor. Canal crescent
Ramsay, John, plumber, 145, High street
Ramsay, John, calico-printer. Barrack street
Ramsay, Miss, 56, George street
Ramsay, Miss, teacher, 77, South street
Ramsay, Miss, dressmaker, 29, MiU street
Ramsay, Mrs. fishing-tackle dealer, 132, High street
Ramsay, Mrs. Carr's croft
Ramsay, Mrs. George, 14, Charlotte street
Ramsay, Mrs. Peter, 20, Charlotte street
Ramsay, Robert, turner, MelviUe street, west side
Ramsay, William, cowfeeder. Mill street, south side
Ramsay, WiUiam, sheriff-officer, 39, Watergate
Ramsay, WiUiam, wright. Mill street, south side
Rankin, Mrs. Taybank, Bridgend
Ranson, Joseph, china merchant, 70, St. John sL — house. King st.
Rattray, WiUiam, messenger-at-arms, 5, George street
Rattray, John, collector of poors' rates and grocer, 201, High sL
Rattray, John, baker, 73, North Methven street
Rattray, Joseph, weaver, 240, South street
Rattray, Thomas, blacksmith, 185, South street
Readie, James, wright, Victoria street
Readie, John, wright, Scott street
Reid, Adam, vintner, 139, South street
Reid, Alexander, shoemaker, Barossa street
Reid, Alexander, porter, 25, High street
Reid, Alexander, mUlvrright, 134, High street
Seidj Archibald (of A^ & R. Reid), City clerk, 1, MarshaU place

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