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Duncan, John, weaver, 8, Paul street
Duncan, Jolin, stocking-weaver, Old Guard vennel
Duncan, John, musician, 224, High street
Duncan, J. & J. teachers of pianoforte, Kinnoull street, west side
Dxmcan, J. & P. Bridgend
Duncan, Mrs, Thomas, grocer, 29, Canal street
Duncan, Mrs. George, 60, High street
Duncan, Mrs* Robert, Kirkside
Duncan, Peter, weaver, Dovecotland
Duncan, Thomas, Procurator-Fiscal, 4, Athole place
Duncan, Thomas, confectioner, 187, High street — house, 180
Duncan, William, meal-dealer, 242, South street
Duncan & M'Lean, writers, Blackfriars street
Duncanson, Geo. leather-merchant, Curfeu-row — bouse, North port
Dunn, Peter, labourer, Bridgend
Dunn, Robert, pie -baker and vintner, 7, Watergate
Dundee, Perth, and London Shipping Company's OfficEj,
4, Canal street
Dunsmore & Honey, clothmerchants, 27, George street
Durie, John, ship-chandler, Lime shore
Easmont, David, shoemaker, 51, Watergate
Easson, David, shipmaster. Reform place
Easson, Mrs. vintner, 14, Canal street
Easson, Mrs. midwife, 44, South street
Eckford, Mrs. Charlotte place
Edward, David, Coffee-room keeper, 28, George street
Edward, George, cabinetmaker, 232, High street
Edward, George, shoemaker. Union lane
Edward, John, joiner, 232, High street
Edward, Mrs. lodgings, 28, George street
Edward, Thomas, auctioneer and appraiser, 22, Meal vennel^
Edward, William, painter, Athole street, north side
Elder, Henry, weaver, Pomarium
Elder, William, late of the Excise, Bridgend
Elgin, Alexander, Prince's street
Elgin, John, tobacconist, 55, George street
Elliot, Thomas, bookbinder, 160, High street
Erskine, WiUiam, flesher, Union lane
Esdaile, Rev. James, Minister of the East Church, 4, Rose terraee
Ewan, Alexander, brush-maker, 152, South street
Ewan, Mrs. Horse cross
Ewart, James, weaver. Low street
Ewart, John, weaver, Newrow, east side
Exchange Coffeeroom, 28, George street
Excise Office, 37, St. John street

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