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G. & P. R-'s Presses foii Letter, Printing, Lithographic Printing, Letter Copying,
Arming, Stamping, Sealing, &c.
These Presses possess every property desirable in such machines; and are made in all their variety of sizes.
G. §• P. R. warrant all Presses for Twelve Months.
The following are a few of the testimonials G. & P. R. have received in favour of their Presses : —
1, Mound Place, Edinburgh, June 20, 1831.
Gentlemen, — You have requested Mr Michael Anderson to give you his opinion of the merits of
the Printing Presses which you made for him : I have therefore to state, for Mr Anderson, that these
Presses have been worked in this house for upwards of twelve mouths, and that they have been found
to realize the expectations previously formed of their capabilities. They are strong, without being
clumsy in their appearance, expeditious, produce a powerful, clean impression on all parts of the sheet
used at tliem, and fewer stoppages, from accidents, have occurred with them than any other description
of Press which has come under my observation. I have, on every proper occasion, given it as my
opinion, that your Press is, in every respect, highly deserving the notice of the trade, by which they
would greatly benefit themsi'lves, and confer a just reward on ingenuity. I am. Gentlemen, yours, &c.
Messrs G. and P. Ritchie, Machine Manufacturers. Benjamin Gibson.
Caledonian Mercury Office, June 20, 1831.
Gentlemen, — In consequence of your request to know my opinion of the Printing Presses which
you fitted up in this office, in March and April, 1830, I take the earliest opportunity of informing
you, that they are of a kind that are highly recommendable for their durability, ease to the workmen,
and, above all, for the clear, equal, and sharp impression which they give. They are also recom-
mendable for the great ease and exactness with which the workmen can regulate the power, either
for a light or heavy form, and the facility there is in taking them to pieces for cleaning. If any one
wishes to see what they can do, he may inspect the new edition (the seventh,) of the Encyclopaedia
Britannica, a specimen of printing, from stereotype plates, equal, if not superior, to any thing of tha
kind. Gentlemen, yours, &c. Thomas Allan, Junior.
Messrs G. §• P. Ritchie, 56, Nicolson Street.
From Walter Hoesburgh, Esq. W. S. Edinburgh.
Edinburgh, 28, Pitt Street, July 11, 1831.
Gentlemen, — I can have no hesitation in giving the strongest recommendation of your Copying
Press, for Letters, Accounts, &c. I have used one of them for several years, and have found it a most
important saving, both of time and expense. The Letters are copied into a book (or on separate sheet*
of paper if wished) with the greatest expedition, and with the most perfect correctness. The Machine
is simple in its construction, but is, at the same time, the best adapted to the purpose of any I have seen.
The operation of copying is very easily performed, and, when with that are combined its rapidity and
the absolute certainty of correctness in the copy, I consider it a very great advantage to all who keep
copies of their letters, to use the Copying Press. In large offices it may save a clerk entirely. I have
recommended your Press to a number of my friends, both professional and others, and they all approve
most highly of it. I am. Gentlemen, yours, &c. Walter Horsbuiigh.
From Horsburgh and Murjoribanhs, Esqrs. A.cc.ountants, Edinburgh.
22, India Street, Edinburgh, June 21, 1831.
Gentlemen, — In reply to your note, requesting our opinion of your Copying Press, we beg to .say,
that we look upon it as the most simple, elegant, and perfect that we have yet seen. It was under
this impression, and after using, for some time, a JMachine by a dilFerent maker, that we ordered one
from you, in 1828, of a larger size than you had previously been in the habit of making, and we have
since that time continued to use it, not only for letters, but for accounts and states, with the most perfect
success and satisfaction. The convenience and utility of the smaller size of your Press, are now
becoming generally known; but, to the Accountant and Merchant, we consider the large Folio
Machine quite invaluable. We are,- Gentlemen, yours, &c. Robert Horsburgh.
Gilbert Marjoribanks.
From Messrs Hutcliison and Co. Merchants, Leith.
Leith, Jidy 8, 1831.
Gentlemen, — In reply to yours of the 7th iustant, requesting the favour of us to state our opinion
of the Quarto Copying Press we bought from you about eighteen months ago, we have much pleasure
in having it in our power to reply favourably to your request. From our having made use of various
Copying Presses, we have no hesitation in stating, that we consider the principle yours is upon to be
the best we have yet seen, and a most useful time-saving article to any Merchant. \ve are. Gentlemen,
yours, &c. Hutchison & Co.
Printers' Inking Machines, Inking Tables, Roller Moulds, Composing Sticks, Gallies,
Rules, Chesses, Stereotype Mounting, &c. Screw Presses, Fly Presses, and Rollek
Machines for Bookbinders.
Mangles for the use of Families ; they occupy little room, are simple in their construction, very
powerful, easily wrought, and give a fine finish to the Linens.
Straw Hat Pressing Machines, useful articles for saving time and labour.
Projecting Letters for Signs &c. in every variety of size and pattern. These letters have many
advantages, being of great durabilitj', easily seen at a distance, and may be removed at pleasure.

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