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Conducted by Messrs Butler §• Co. Chemists, No. 73, Prince's Street, opposite the Mound,
Edinburgh, where Physicians' Prescriptions and Famiiy Recipes are compounded with the
utmost care.
BuTLEii's Cooling Apewent Powders produce a most refreshing and pleasant effervescing
Draught, (more efficient than Seidiitz, Soda, or Seltzer Water,) at the same time a safe, mild, and
Coohng Aperient, pecuharly adapted to reheve Indigestion, Heartburn, aud Nausea, and coimteract
Acidity in the Stomach. Wlren taken after too tree an indulgeuce in the luxuries of the table,
particularly after too much wine, the usual disagreeable eifects aro prevented. In boxes, 2s. 9d. and
Oases, 10s. 6d. and Bottles, 4s. 6d. and 10s. 6d.
Butler's Pure Calcined Magnesia, prepared after a new process, whereby it is perfectly
deprived of carbo7iic acid, iretd from taste, smell, grittiuess, and every unpleasant property, and the
bulk required for a dosa is reduced to one-third of that of Calcined !\lagnesia prepared iu the usual
way, which rendeis it more easily miscible in fluids, and less olijectionable to Infants, or the weakly
stomach of the Invalid. In 2s. 9d. and 10s. 6d. Bottles.
Dr Gregory's Mixture, or Aromatic Stomachic Powder, prepared by JMessrs Butler,
with their Pure Calcined Magnesia ; wliich will be found much pleasanter to take than the
ordiiiary preparations of this useful JMediciue, and, at the saaie time, more efficacious as an Antacid
and promoter of digestion, hi 2s. 9(1. and 10s. 6d. Bottles.
Camphor Lozenges, for depression of the Sph'its, Sick Headach, Nervous Irritability, &c., and
are a preventive against infection. Bottles, 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d.
Aromatic Spirit of Camphor, possessing all the virtues of the common Camphorated Spii-it,
with those of the most esteemed Aromatics. It will be found exceedingly useful to families for making
the Camphor Julep, a dessert spoonful to a pint of water instantly forming it. It is recommended by
eminent Dentists as the best application for preserving the Teeth and Gums. Bottles, 2s. Cd. & 5s. 6d.
Butler's Preparation of London Paregoric Elixir, according to the last edition of the London
Pharmacopffiia, with the addition of the Oil of Aniseed, so generally known for its efficacy in Coughs,
&c. Half Pint Bottles, 3s.
Acidulated Cayenne Lozenges, for habitual Sore Throat; they are also a protection to the
Lungs in foggy and damp weather, and a refreshing stimulus during Field Sports, or any exertion
accompanied vi-ith a sense of Fatigue. Boxes, 2s. and 4s. 6d.
Quinine Lozenges, prepared with the invaluable new remedy named Quinine, are recommended
more particularly as a Tonic in cases of Dyspepsia and general Debility. Boxes, 2s. and 4s. 6d.
Butler's Fluid Extract of Jamaica Sarsaparilla, simple (or compound,) for making the
decoction, as it may be required, and superior to that generally used. A dessert spoonful will make
half a pint of decoction. It is highly esteemed as an Alterative in Scrofula, Scurvy, and Cutaneous
Diseases, and as a remedy for the improper use of Mercury. In 4s. 6d. 8s. 6d. and 20s. Bottles.
Butler's Digestive and Tonic Pills, are recommended for all complaints which are occasioned
by a loss of tone, or deficient action of the digestive organs, — as impaired appetite, a sense of pain and
oppression at the stomach after eating, flatulence, heartburn, and acid eructations, aflFection of the
head and sight, nervous irritability, and depression, costiveness, &c. &c Bilious and Gouty subjects,
and persons who, from habitually constipated bowels, frequently require an active, at the same time
a safe form of Medicine, may advantageously take
Butler's Aperient and Antibilious Pills. A constipated habit is a fertile source of derange-
ment of the digestive organs and nervous system, attended with febrile symptoms, bilious attacks,
nausea and vomiting;, piles, fistula, aud numerous complaints frequently leading to fatal disease, and
consequently demands timely attention. Two of these pills, taken occasionally at bed time when any
of these symptoms are urgent, will be productive of the gi'eatest benefit. Boxes, Is., 2s. 6d., 4s. 6d.,
and 10s. 6d.
Butler's Citrated Kali, for making Saline Draughts, recommended for its economy and con-
venience for this purpose. Bottles, 2s. 6d., 4s. 6d., and 10s. 6d.
Carbonated Effervescing Harrowgate Salts. These Salts contain all the solid ingredients
of the celebrated Springs of Harrowgate, with the import int addition of the Volatile Gases in an
immediate state of disengagement, by the addition of pure water, and will be found a valuable sub-
stitute, proper for all those invalids who are imable to reside at Harrowgate. In 4s. 6d. and 10s. 6d.
Stomachic and Digestive Candv ; of which the principal ingredients are Turkey Rhubarb,
Ginger, an Antacid and Carminatives, in such proportions as render it a pleasant Aromatic Stomachic
and powerful Digestive. It will be found most serviceable in all those afl^ections originating in an
impaired digestion ; and also an agreeable gentle Aperient for children. Boxes, 2s. and 4s.
Butler's Morphia and Ipecacuanha Lozenges; made with the Muriate of Morphia, for
recent, nervous, or chronic cough. Sold in Is. and 2s. Boxes.
The above mentioned Medicines., Sfc. are prepared by, and will, ivlien genuine, have the name and
address of, " BuTLEn and Co. Chemists to his Majesty in Scotland, No. 73, Phinces
Street, Edinfurgh,''^ printed in the label, which is affixed to every Bottle or Box cotitaining
the same.

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