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jManTTtactrrrers of
Innjfpiivft â– Stomach
£nema STKiitross
Patenl tar Trumpets .
Rttpttjre TRXJsaE e.
Ladies Back Boards
In the iest f^tyle
At T^H-B ld-webt
:(m&my v^ %injtaiL|n^mtintt lllakcr^ }
53 Sou™ BlOBGK S'^ OFJ'OSHTIE toe Collkge
Have always on hand an excellent assortment of tlie following Articles, made under their
immediate inspection by first rate AVorkmen, and of the very finest materials :
Table Kuives aurl Forks, with Deserts, Carvers,
and Steels to suit, in Ebony, Black Horn, Stag,
Self Tij), Ivory, and other Handles.
French Cook Knives, Round-of-Beef Knives,
Elastic Ham Slicers, Bread and Kitchen Knives.
Plain and Guard Oyster Knives and Forks.
Patent and Common Knife Sharpeners.
H. & Cii.'s Table Cutlery has now maintained its
reputation for Twenty-five years ; and, as it is
tiieir determination to sell on the smallest possible
pr(jfits, so as not to deteriorate the qiuilitij, they
hope still to retain ihe confidence and enciinrag-e-
ment of the Public.
Razors in all kinds of Mountings and Cases, war-
ranted, and exchanged if not approved.
Razor-Strops and Razor-Paste, manufactured by
H. & Co. expressly for their warranted Razors.
Penknives, with Proof Blades, in great variet}'.
Desk Knives, Erasing Kuives, and Library Knives,
Sportsmen's Knives, Coachmen's Knives, Pru-
ning and Grafting Knives.
Real German and other Hones for sharpening
Razors, Penknives, Instruments, &c.
Scissors of all kinds, tine and common — Ladies'
and Gentlemen's Nail Scissors, Nail Nipjjers,
and Files, Corn Kuives and Rasps.
Tailors' Shears, Pruning Shears, Improved Lamp
and Horse Trimming Shears,
Patent and Common Corkscrews, Spruce-Beer,
Pocket, aad Pliial ditto.
Elastic Steel Busks and Patent ditto.
Boot Hooks, Button Hooks, &c.
Dissecting Instruments, the most extensive and
cheapest assortment in Britain.
Amputating Instruments of every kind.
Hilliard's Pocket Ditto. This mvention has met
with universal approbation.
Pocket Dressing Instruments, and Operating ditto,
as used by Messrs Listen, Lizars, Syme, and other
eminent Surgeons.
Tooth and Scaling Instruments, Midwifery, Litho-
tomy, Cupping, Trepanning, Eye, and IJotanical
Bleeding Lancets, Innocul.itiug Lancets, Trochars,
&c.. Silver Cathetars Elastic, Gum, and Metallic
ditto Urethra and Rectum Bougies.
M'Intyre's, Clyne's, and Common Splints.
Rupture Trusses and Suspensory Bandages.
Steel Stays, Breast Collars, Reclining Frames, and
other Instruments for Distortion of Spine.
Riding Belts, Laced Stockings, Leg Springs, &c.
Veterinary Instruments — very supei-ior Fleams,
Lancets, Drawing Knives, Searchers, &c.
C')ster Apparatus, Inhalers, &c.
Ill 'proved Air-Pumps for drawing Nipples,
Nipple Shields, and Cow's Teats, very superior.
Improved Japanned and Patent Elastic Ear-
Trumpets, Stethoscopes, &c.
Spatulas, Pallet Knives, Medical Spoons, &c.
Lancet and other Cases in great variety.
Mathematical and Drawing Instruments.
Thermometers, &c.
Fine Highland Dirks, Fencing Foils, and Masks.
H. & Co. being the real nmnufactiirers of the Improved Patent Ball Valved
Injecting Syiun&e, and Stomach Pump, with all their appendages, are enabled to sup])ly
Wholesale and Export Houses on the most advantageous terms ; as also Exhausting and
all other Sykinges, Puilosophicai, and Chejhcal Apparatus.
Patent India Rubber Flexible Tubes made to any size, for Chemical and other purposes.
Repairs and Grinding executed in the best stylo, and at lower charges than are usually made.

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