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SIR WALTER SCOTT, of Abbotsford, Bart.— Go«emor.
JOHN HOPE, Esq. Dean of the Faculty of Advocates. — Deputy Govantor.
Gilbert Laing- Meason, Esq.
Sir Henry Steuart, Bart.
James M'Braire, Esq.
R. Wardlaw Ramsay, Esq.
Sir Wm Maxwell, Barf.
James Balfoar, Esq. M.P.
Sir W. C. G. Cummin;,', Bart.
James Ueddie, Esq.
General Graham Stirling.
The Solicitor General.
Sir J. W. Mackenzie, Bart
North Dalryraple, Esq.
James Hunter, Esq.
Sir David Milne, K.CB.
John Jardine, Esq.
Peter Forbes, Esq.
James Elliot, Esq.
E. D. Sandford, Esq.
James Reoch, Esq.
William Allan, Esq.
D. G. Sandeman, Esq.
Robert I'itcairn, E-sq.
John Mowbray, Esq.
Donald Smith, Esq.
James Duncan, Esq.
Eagle Henderson, Esq.
Hugh Bruce, Esq.
William Macdonald, Esq.
The Lord Provost.
George Aitchison, Esq.
Sutherland Mackenzie, Esq Manager.
Francis Howoen, Esq — James Spittal, Esq. — Ja.mes HoirnK.is, Esq. —
Francis Bkodie, Esq. — Trustees.
The Royal Bank of Scotland, Messrs Alexander Allan & Co. — Bankert.
Henry & D. Johnston, M.D — David Maclagan, lA.D.— Consulting Physician!.
This National Institution comprises the principal influence in Scotland among its numerous Pro-
prietary, and affords unquestionable security to the Public by the magnitude of its capital. Established
on a broad and solid basis, it has been enai)led, by the unexampled support which it has received, to
conduct its operations on a larger scale than its competitors in North Britain.
The capital stock of the Scottish Union Company cannot at any period be endangered, according to
any Ciilculube human hazard ; and all persons insured with this Company may rest in absolute
certainty, that, whenever a claim shall arise, ample means will be always available to satisfy it with
promptitude ; and that the principles by which this Institution is regulated, will provide resources for
the hberal adjustment of every demand.
From a variety of causes, there is, of late years, a decided increase in the mean duration of life, in
many parts of Europe, — an improvement, however, which it is extremely probable has been exaggerated.
It has been the earnrst endeavour of the Directors and Manager to ascertain how far the results of
experience might be rendered beneficial to the Public, without giving any cause to suppose, that, in
so doing, they were actuated by a dangerous spirit of competition. In adopting, for the basis of Life
computations, the i\lean Standard Table of the Decrement of Life in Great Britain, in 1824, as
published in the Philosophical Transactions, their motives cannot be questioned. A fair estimate of
the duration of life, in the country wherein the persons to be assured reside, is attained on scientific
principles ; and the public i« justly entitled to all the benefit of the investigation.
It will be found, on examination, that the Directors have thought themselves justified in making
some reduction in favour of the public from the basis thus adopted, in consideration of local circum-
Young and middle-aged persons are, accordingly, assured at reduced rates, by which they derive,
upon the best and most equitable footing, an immediate and certain advantage.
Prudence dictates to every man, who is anxious to provide for his family, to effect his Insurance at
the lowest premium, combined with perfect security. If he become an insurer in this Company, his
object will be completely attained. The Directors, therefore, have every confidence that the reduced
rates, and the superior security of the Scottish Union Company, will obtain a continuance of that
distinguished support from the public which it has hitherto experienced.
Tables of Rates, and explanation of any description of Fire and Life Assurance, may be had at the
Company's Office, No. 47, George Street, Edinburgh, or from any of the Company's agents in the
country, a list of whom is published in the Edinburgh Almanack.
F. G. SMITH, Secretary.

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