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Fleming, Thos. 17 south St James street
Baths Establishment, 17 and 19 Hill street
London, Leith, and Edinburg-h Steam-mill
Company's baths, 6 Broad wynd
M'Kelvie, William, Sealield
Trinity Baths, Newhaven
(Those not particularized sell both instruments and
music. )
Ballantyne, Rob. violin, 1 west College st.
Bruce, James, organ, 21 Leopold place
Hamilton, David, jun. organ and piano-
forte, 30 St Andrew square
Harris, M. musical instruments, 8 Heriot
Mortimer, Anderson, and Co. pianoforte
and music sellers, 79 Prince street, and
Broughton place
M'Donald, D. pipe maker to the Highland
Society of London, 529 Castlehill
M'Donald, James, musical instruments, 263
Paterson, Roy, and Co. 27 George street
Purdie, Robert, 83 Prince street
Ramsay, John, & Co. piano-forte, 12 north
St David street
Reid, A. piano-forte, 1 east Broughton pi.
Robertson, Alexander, 47 and 39 Prince
street, musical academy, 4 Queen street
Small, Bruce, and Co. organ builders and
music sellers to iier majesty, 54 Prince st.
Smith, George, 2 Carrubber's close
Townsend, W. and Co. harp and piano-
forte, Elder street hall
Walker, G. military bagpipes, 340 Lawnm.
Wood and Co. 12 Waterloo place
( See also teachers of Music. )
Anderson, John, 97 High street
Anderson, William, 227 Canongate
Cameron, Alexander, 15 Bell's wynd
Cleland, Thomas, 6 James court
Gardner, R. & lodgings, 69 Tolbooth wynd
Gorrie, Thomas, 13 Carrubber's close
Hoffman, John, 408 Castlehill
Menzies, Archibald, 55 Cumberland street
Miller, Samuel, 17 Crosscauseway
Rupparti, Timotheus, 73 Pleasance
St Clair, John, Monteith's close
Watson, James, 2 Greenside place
Drummond, John, 44 George street
Wilson, .Tames, 65 Nicolsoii street
Acquroff, John, 76 Thistle street
Anderson, James, 176 Cowgate
Anderson, John, and artificial florist, 18
Heriot buildings
Anderson, William, 92 High street
Bell, Robert, 1 Duke street
Beunet, James, 131 Grassmarket
Bennet, John, 253 Canongate
Braid, Alexander, 64 Nicolson street
Burdett, Thomas, 24 Bridge street
Dryden, James, 41 Netherbow
Campbell, James, 50 Potterrow
Canning, G. & peruke maker, 52 Prince st.
Clirehugh, V. & peruke maker, 67 Geo. st.
Conual, John, jun. 77 Prince street
Conual and Son, 34 Prince street
Cooper, James, 19 Downie place
Cousland, Thomas, 7 Church street
Cowie, William, 144 Rose street
Erskine, John C. 29 Kirkgate
Eraser, W. & wigmaker, 26 Greenside st.
Harvey, Henry, 45 Thistle street
Hastie, James, 36 Howe street
Horn, Thomas, 128 Westport
Geikie, A. sen. 25 Nicolson street
Geikie, A. jun. & peruke m. 35 North br.
Gemble, Mrs, 34 George street
Gianetti, Joseph, and patent peruke maker,
39 George street
Johnston, Robert, 23 Tolbooth wynd
Kerr, John, 134 Rose street
Lamb, John, and wig maker, 305 Canong.
Lapsley, Mrs J. 27 Hanover street
Law, Alexander, 4 Bread street
Lawrie, Robert, 75 Shore
Logie, William, 31 Abbey strand
Main, George, 9 Tolbooth wynd
Miller, Adam, 59 High street
More, Andrew, 3 Kerr street
More, Mrs D. 31 Rose street
Muggerland, George, 30 St Andrew square
Muir, Francis, 15 Catherine street
Macbryd, A. 65 Hanover street
M'Hutcheon, Hugh, 53 High street
Mackay, David, 8 Greenside place
Mackenzie, Alexander, 2 Baker's place
Mackenzie, Alexander, 225 Canongate
Mackenzie, Robt. 56 St Andrew st. Leith
M'Lachlan, Andrew, 11 Nicolson street
M'Lae, Jamcss, 26 West Bow
M'Lean, Alex. 84 Frederick street
M'Lean, John, 57 Bernard street
Palmer, David, 14 St Anthony place
Richardson, James, 52 Leith street
Richardson, John, jun. 41 Dundas street
Richardson, John, 164 Rose street
Richardson, John, sen. 52 Leith street
Ritchie, M. 40 west Register street
Robertson, Alexander, 147 Prince street
Robertson, James, 142 High street

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