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BOOKBINDERS continued.
M'Intosh, Allan, 11 Heriot buildings
Orrock and Romanes, 94 South bridge
Paterson, Maurice, 1 south St James st.
Peattie, George, 391 Lawnmarket
Procter, Joseph, 9 Brown street
Roach, Peter, 208 Canongate
Roach and Ramsay, 36 Rose street
Seton, James T. 6 St Andrew square
Seton, Robt. and stationer, 3 Mound place
Sinclair, D. and Co. 3 Parkside street
Smith, Wm. Allan's close. High street
Steele, Maitland, 7 James court
Stevens, A. and stationer, 34 North bridge
Tait, Alex. 134 High street
Tait, George, Wardrop's court
Tod, John, 12 Clyde street
Thomson, Abram, & bookseller & stationer,
old Fishmarket close
Watson, Daniel, 36 Niddry street
Watson, James, 6 Milne square
White, Patrick, 100 West how
Young, John, Covenant close
(See also foregoing and following litads. )
Anderson, John, jun. 55 North bridge
Bell and Bradfute, 12 Bank street
Black, A. and stationer, 27 North bridge
Blackwood, W. 45 George street
Blackie and Son, 5 south College street
Brown, Peter, 59 South bridge
Cadell, Robert, 41 St Andrew square
Gray, John, of Gray's Annual Directory,
7 Henderson row
Oliphant, William, 22 South bridge
Stirling and Kenncy, 46 George street
Tait, Wm. and publisher of the Weekly
Chronicle, 78 Prince street
Thomson, J. & Co. & stationers, & pub.
of Atias of Scotland, 32 St Andrew sq.
Waugh & Innes, to his Majesty, 2 Hunter
square, and 31 Hanover street
Whyte, William, & Co. to his Majesty, and
stationers & music sellers, 13 George st.
(See also foregoing and following heads.)
Aitken, S. 12 Bank street
Allardice, Robert, and stationer, 15 Tol-
booth wynd
Anderson, James, and stationer and distri-
butor of stamps, 33 George street
Anderson, Jn. and stationer, 295 High st.
Biggar, Mrs, 5 Lothian street
Blind, Books for the, 24 Niddry street
Brown, G. and circulat. lib. 66 West port
Brown, Robert, 2 west college street
Brown, Mrs E. and stationer, 3 Dundas st.
Bruce, G. D. & stationer, 7 James court
Buchanan, Mrs M. 26 George street
BOOKSELLERS continued.
Burnet, James, and printer and bookbinder,
] 9 Bernard street
Caithness, Thomas, and circulating library,
1 Albany street
Campbell, D. Bible depot, 17 Leith street
Carfrae, John, & Son, 3 Drummond street
Chambers, Robei't and James, and circu-
lating library, 48 Hanover street
Chambers, W. and circulating library, 47
Broughton street
Chishohn, John, 27 elder street
Clark, Thomas, law, 38 George street
Grabble, J. Bible depository, 49 Nicolson
Cunningham, J. and stationer and circu-
lating librar}"^, 15 Bank street
Devlan, Arthur, 10 Drummond street
Don, William, 1 1 Middleton's entry
Douglas, G. A. and stationer, 19 Castle st.
Dunlop, J. B. and stationer and circulating
library, 4 India place
Fairbairn, J. and stationer, 28 Gayfield sq.
Gall, James, 24 Niddry street
Grant, Robert and Sons, 8 Nicolson sti'e«t
Guthrie, C. and stationer, 8 Waterloo place
Guthrie and Tait, 4 Nicolson street
Hamilton, G. and stationer, 54 Nicolson st.
Hamilton, John, and stationer, 15 south
St Andrew street
Hill, Alexander, and stationer, and artist's
colourman, 50 Prince street
Hill, T. and auctioneer, 24 Queen street
Hume, R. W. and stationer, and lithogra-
phic printer, 57 Shore
Hunter, Wra. and publisher, and circulating'
library, 23 Hanover street
Ireland, Richard, 58 South bridge
Ireland, T. jun. & stationer, 57 South bridge
Johnston, Robert, 76 Candlemakcr rovp-
Jones, John, 2 Hay street
Kaj^ James, 2 Blenheim place
Laing and Forbes, and stationers, 92
Prince street
Laing, W. and D. 49 South bridge
Lindsay John, and Co. and stationers, 10
St Andrew street
Main, Jatoes, and stationer, 52 George st.
Martin, David, 7 Blackfriars wynd
Martin, Robert, 4 south college street
Matheson, W. and stationer, 37 George st.
Menzies, Wm. 9 middle Arthur place
Macredie, Alex, and stationer, 11 south
St David street
M'Donald, Archibald, 409 High street
M'Donald, James, 108 Grassmarket
M'Gregor, Alex, and circulating libi'ary,
43 Dundas street
M'Intosh, James, 33 College wynd
Mackay, Hugh, Simpson's court
M'Lachlan and Stewart, 62 South bridge

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