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Sinclair, M. Fisher's close
Smith, Andrew, 14 Saunders street
Smith, George, west end Jamaica street
Smith, R. 9 Shakespeare square
Stewart, D. & upholsterer, 1 M'Dowal st.
Stewart, James and Co. 23 Brunswick st
Tait, James, and joiner, Deanhaug-h house
Tawse, Peter, 28 Greenside street
Thomson, George, and Son, and glaziers,
34 Cowgate
Thorburn, Walter, and upholsterer, 43
South bridge
Tod, A. & G. and joiners, 252 Cowgate
Vans, Adam, 22 Blair street
Wallace, M. and upholsterer, 37 Constitu-
tion street
Watson, Tho. and upholsterer, 5 Elm row
Whillas, Thomas, 14 Lauriston street
Wishart, David, 74 Thistle street
Whytock, Alex. & upholsterer, 15 Circus
Wood, John, 25 York place
(See also foregoing and following heads.)
Alexander, A. rush and cane, Old Post
office close
Clark & Rough, and upholsterers, 18 Leith
M'Feat, Frederick, 36 Leith walk
( See also the foregoing and following heads. )
Allan, Mrs F. 58 George street
AUardice & Sclanders, and cabinetm.ikers,
12 George street
Auchie & Brown, & auctioneers, appraisers,
and undertakers, 4 St Andrew square
Earth, Stephen, 10 Wardrop's court
Brown, Alexander, 8 Thistle street
Burke, John, and Son, and cabinetmakers,
9 St Andrew square
Burns, Walter, Adam square
Christie, William, 8 M'Kenzie place
Dowell, James, & auctioneer & appraiser,
east Thistle street lane
Ellis, Thomas, 17 Charles street
Gibb, William, 20 George street
Giles, Alexander, 35 South bridge
Grant, John, and cabinetmaker, & under-
taker, 208 Canongate
Inverarity, John, 26 Canal street
Kedslie, George, 11 Davie street
King, William, 5 Clarence street
Lemmon, Robert, 15 Frederick street
Liddle, James 10 Simon square
Morison, James, 25 Waterloo place
Murray, J. & R. 56 Broughton street
Murray, William, 12 St James square
M'Farlane, James, and paper hanger, 4
Young street
Neil, John, north-west Circus lane
Richardson, Waltei", 28 Carnegie street
Rodger, William, 74 Crosscauseway
Sandeman, George, 8 Greenside street
Scrymgeour, James, 16 Greenside street
Sommerville, John, 25 George street
Steel, William, Carrubber's close
Thomson, William, 11 Crosscauseway
Trotter, W. 9 Prince street
Watt, Andrew, 1 Maitland street
Webster, Alexander, 29 Thistle street
Wiseman, Alexander, 55 Leith wynd
Cameron, James, 86 Abbeyhill
Eraser, John, 5 1 West port
Wilson, M'Dougal, 186 High street
( See also Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. )
Leitch, James, Anderson's place, foot of
Leith walk
Alison, Mrs, 41 low Calton
Mitchell, Charles, and silk dyer, 6 Green-
side place
( See also foregoing and following heads. )
Aikman, Matthew, 13 Crosscauseway
Alston, Thomas, 35 Potterrow
Anderson, George, 12 James place
Anderson, James, west Maitland street
Bain, Archibald, Quarry close
Bain, John, and undertaker, 81 Potterrow
Beattie, W. & wood mercht. 23 Bread st.
Ballenj^ David, 4 Bristo street
Boyd, John, and undertaker, 7 Scotland st.
Brodie, Andw. and surveyor, 18 Potterrow
Brodie, William, south Fort street
Brown, James, 3 west Arthur place
Brown, James, 60 India street
Brown, John, 24 Wright's houses
Brown, Robert, Stafford street
Brown, Walter, 34 Jamaica street
Bruce, Walter and Sons, 23 Charlotte
street, Leith
Bruce, William, 40 Constitution street
Chalmers, D. and smith, 15 Wellington
Christie, William, Brodie's close
Collins, Erskine, 1 10 Rose street
Crawford and Anderson, and undertakers,
James place
Cunningham, Andrew, 28 Couper street
Crawford, James, 5 St James place
Crow, Scott, 22 William street
Cuthbertson, James, 161 Rose street
Dickson James, 14 Tobago street
Dickson, James, 8 James square

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