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( See also the following heads. )
Allan, J. and upholsterer, 15 Greeuside pi.
Allan, J. & D. and undertakers, 23 Church
Anderson, J. and upholsterei% 24 Hadding-
ton place
Anderson, James, 174 Rose street
Anderson, A. & upholsterei', 3 Jamaica st.
Anderson, Andrew, 68 Crosscauseway
Anderson, George, Hill street lane
Anderson, John, 9 Church lane
Baker, Rohert, 1 west Richmond street
Banks, W. and upholsterer, 6 west Rich-
mond street, and 10 St Patrick square
Brodie, William, furniture warehouse, 230
Brown, J. H. & upholsterer, 31 Hanover st.
Brown, James, & Son, and upholsterers,
23 Crosscauseway
Cameron, Charles, 21 Lothian street
Carphin, John, 16 Adam street
Clephan, Joseph, 56 India street
Cooper, M. & upholsterer, 1 1 Horse wynd
Cousin, David, Newington road
Cousin, James, 60 Clerk street
Craw, Thomas, 24 St John's Hill
Croll, David, 242 Cowgate
Cumming, William, and upholsterer and
house agent, 2 Castle street
Darlington, H. 1 Queen street, and 4 St
Vincent street
Dewar, R. & upholsterer, 2 St Andrew sq.
Dick, John, & Son, 19 Rose street
Dick, J. 33 Dundas street
Dick, Robert, and upholsterer. Market st.
Dougall, Robert, 29 Thistle street
Drummond, Js. jun. furniture warehouse,
231 Cowgate
Duncan, James, 243 Cowgate
Dunlop and Keith, 20 Brunswick street,
Clarence street
Dunn, William, 13 east Register street
Durward, Andrew, 3 Clerk street
Easton, J. & upholsterer, 31 Greenside st.
Ewau, William, 29 Rose street
Ewart, Jn. and upholsterer, 16 Pleasance
Finlay, William, 270 Cowgate
Fletcher, W. 249 Cowgate, and 82 South
Forbes, Alex. & undertaker, 23 Waterloo
Galloway, James, east Rose street lane
Gibb, Alexander, 48 Rose street
Gill, Thomas, and upholsterer, and mangle
manufacturer, 1 Montgomery street
Glen, Geo. and auctioneer, 239 Cowgate
Glen, John, 259 Cowgate
Goskirk, A. and upholsterer, 233 Cowgate
Grant, John, jun. and Co. and joiner, and
undertaker, Rae's close
Gray, Archibald, 4 east St James street
Grieve, George, 16 Roxburghe place
Hagart, John, 83 Rose street
Hamilton, Thomas, 7 Haddington place
Hardie, Andw. 33 Lady Lawson's wynd
Hay, William, Haddon's court
Henderson, William, Chnrch lane
Hogg, Walter, 14 Fettes row
Isbister, Caleb, 37 Cumberland street
Jamieson, Henry, 29 Richmond place
Johnston, Thomas, 12 Henderson row
Kay, James, & upholsterer, 1 Teviot row
Keddie, Thomas, & joiner, 14 Melville pi.
Kelt, Charles, 349 Cowgate
Kei", A. and upholsterer, 46 Hanover st.
Laing, John, & appi-aiser, and house agent,
7 Young street
Laing, William, Allan's close. High street
Leslie, John, 17 William street
Malcolm, John, 19 Leith walk
Malloch, William, 2 Shrub place
Matthew, James, 233 Cowgate
Mill, William, 8 M'Dowal street
Mitchell, Robert, Ironside place
Moffat, Robert, 26 Carnegie street
Morison, C. & C. and upholsterers, and
undertakers, 28 Potterrow
Murray, Alex, and auctioneer, 1 north-
M-est Circus place
Murray, James, 19 Rose street
Murray, James, Burnet's dose
Murraj', James, 38 Broughton street
Murray, Michael, 31 Hope park end
Murray, John, 29 Frederick street
Macbain, Robert, 15 St Ann's yards
M'Donald, A. & upholsterer, 12 Queens-
ferry street
M'Donald & Sommerville, & upholsterers,
25 east Rose street
M'Gilvray, John, & upholsterer, 24 Leith
Mackay, John, 12 Castle street
Mackay, W. south Charlotte lane
M'Laren, Peter, 20 Greenside place
Nicolson, George, bedstead maker, Duke
street, Leith
Nisbet, Alexander, 28 Haddington place
Noble, James, 12 Clyde street
Patterson, Mrs, 272 Cowgate
Pears, John, 37 north back of Canongate
Pearse, Robert, 1 Nelson place
Peters, David, 2 Hamilton pi, Stockbridge
Porter, William, 244 Cowgate
Reid, James, 13 Greenside street
Robertson, Peter, 8 M'Dowal street
Roy, James, and Son, and glaziers, 82
Hope park end
Scott, James, 43 India place,
Sharp, Robert, 4 Paul street
Simpson, Andrew, 1 1 Leith walk

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