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Archibald, L., & Co. 29 west Nicolson st.
Bowers, James, 42 Bristo street
Brown, John, 2 Hill place
Brown, J. T. & R. 44 Hanover street
Bryce, Alex. 299 Canongate
Cameron, Duncan, 27 Lothian street
Cameron, Richard, 225 Canongate
Crawford, Robert, 3 Castle street
Cropper, William, 1 India street
Fergusson, Duncan, 6 Jamaica street
Fowler, Alexander, 5 Duncan street
Gibson & Co. and glass stainers and col-
ourmen, 3 Greenside street
Graham, Thomas, 1 south Melville place
Gunn, Adam, and colourman, 3 Caltou st.
Haddon, Robert, 4 Greenside place
Hall, Thomas, 7 Elder street
Hill, James and David, 1 Howe street
Kirk, James, & Co. 37 London street
Marshall, James, 31 Rose street
Low, John, 16 Wellington street
Malcolm, Wm. 33 Hanover street, and 16
Marshall, Walter, 2 Dublin street
Milne, William, 3 Picardy place
Mackintosh, Alexander, 78 Queen street
Mackinlay, David, 22 Broughton street
M'Leod, Neil, 39 Cumberland street
M'Knight, George, 49 Thistle street
Nisbet, Arch. Brunswick st. Clarence st.
Orr, James, 26 Crosscauseway
Reid, Robert, 3 Blenheim place
Ross, John, 8 west Nicolson street
Roxburgh, John, 8 Rose street
Shand, James, 37 Bronghton street
Sheppard, J. & J. 21 Frederick street
Sinclair, Alexander, Advocates' close
Strong, Simon, 4 Brighton street
Stott & Johnstone, 29 Dundas street
Waterston & Ruthven, 4 Teviot row
Young, David, Spring gardens
( See also foregoing heads, and Carpet
Manufacturers. )
Aitchison, Hugh, 22 Nelson street
Boswell, James, 89 Prince street
Irvine, D. & J. 49 Frederick street
March, D. & W. 63 Hanover street
Stewart, Andw. and glazier, 27 George st.
(See also foregoing heads, and Carpet
Manufacturers. )
Mackintosh, John, 13 Blackfriars wynd
( See also Plumbers. )
Alexander, John, 13 Lady Lawson's wynd
Allan, James, and glazier, 20 Frederick st.
Baxter, John, and glazier, IS Leith street
SLATERS continued.
Breck, John, and glazier, 104 Rose street
Christie, George, 96 Kirkgate
Clark, J. Chessels court, & zinc warehouse
38 George street
Clark, William, 8 Canal street
Crawford, Philip, jun. 32 Kirkgate
Doclds, Andrew, 129 High street
Field, William, 4 head of Mound
Gavin, Martin, 2 Nottingham terrace
Henderson, James, 37 Giles street
Henderson, Robert, 96 Canongate
Meek, John, 68 Grassmarket
Messer, James, 2 Parkside street
M'Kenzie, William, 233 Canongate
Robb, Wilson, 56 Crosscauseway
Sinton, John, Pirrie's close
Slater, John, 14 Amphiou place
Thomson, J. and smoke curer, Bristo port
Thomson, John, 6 Beaumont place
Trotter, John, 113 Nicolson street
Wilson, David, 1 Portland place
Wilson, James, and glazier, 27 Howe st.
Young, John, and glazier, 8 Calton street
Young, J. and glazier, 44 Congtitutiou st.
Anderson, James, Lothian road
Baird, William, 4 Queensferry street
Begbie, Francis, 14 north back Canongate
Begbie, Ja. Campbell's close, Canongate
Berry, Boswell, 63 Nicolson street
Berry, Lawrence, 18 Broughton street
Bryson, William, 7 Saunders street
Cameron, Angus, 12 St Patrick square
Clark, John, 16 Broughton street
Clephan, Robert, Janefield
Cranstoun, George, 14 Roxburghe place
Derrin, James, 3 Roxburghe place
Donaldson, Archibald, 138 Pleasance
Finnis, Matthew, 9 north Richmond st.
Forrest, William, 23 Lauriston street
Gilchrist, James, 23 Society
Grant, Allan, Anchor close
Greig, William, 390 Castlehill
Grieve, James, 94 Rose street
Hindshaw, J. 3 Kerr street
Innes, Charles, 133 Rose street
Marshall, Messrs, & Sutherland, 38 Con-
stitution street
Mouncy, John, and vintner, 1 Bell's wynd
M'Dougall, John, 3 north Richmond street
Mackay, Alexander, Don's close
M'Leod, Norman, 14 Arthur street
Paterson, James, 28 Greenside street
Potter, James, 9 Brighton street
Potter, Robert, 6 Brighton street
Ramage, John, & Son, 13 Jamaica street
Ritchie, Walter, Crown street
Strachan, James, 3 Wallace place
Tait, James, 18 Brunswick st. Stockbridge

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