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Campbell, Jolin, 23 south Richmond street
Chalmers, Condie, 28 Giles street
Christie, Leslie, 12 Catherine street
Chrystal, Mrs William, 28 Nicolsou street
Cleug-h, William, 27 St Leonard lane
Collier, Thomas, 23 Simon square
Cordiner, John, 93 Rose street
Corner, Benj. 43 north Richmond street
Corstorphine, Peter, 13 Calton place
Corstorphine, P. juu. 38 west Register st.
Couper, William, 6 St Andrew square
Coutts, R. and J. 43 London street
Crease, Douglas, 1 south St James street
Crease, James, 21 Lothian street
Crichton, Alexander, 3 Alison square
Currie, J. R. 100 West bow
Currie, Veitch, 13 Parkside street
Custard, Robert, 49 Broughton street
Cuthbert, Hugh, 7 Castlebarns
Dale, Thomas, 19 Jamaica street
Darling, Robert, 12 Carnegie street
Davidson, Mrs James, 66 Nicolson street
Davidson, Robert, 46 Leith street
Dewar, Alex, and C. 34 Leith street
Dewar, Andrew, 14 south CoUeg-e street
Dewar, John, 12 Leith street
Dick, John, 70 Cumberland street
Dickson, John, 10 Simon square
Diston, J. 4 Shrub place
Donaldson, James, 117 Nicolson street
Donaldson, Alex. 3 west register street
Dow, James, 96 Rose street
Dow, J. & T. 8 Leith street
Dowie, James, to the King, 37 Frederick st.
Downie, James, 4 west Richmond street
Duncan, Thomas, & Co. to his Majesty, 39
Prince street
Edgar, Walter, 10 west Nicolson street
Edington, David, 34 west Richmond street
Ed^vard, John, 68 Leith street
Ewart, A. 33 Hanover street
Falconer, Duncan, 24 Circus place
Fell, John, 76 Leith street
Finlay, John, 14 south St David street
Finlayson, Robert, 63 Thistle street
Forrest, John, & Son, 96 Nicolson street
Forsyth, James, 38 St Andrew st. Leith
Forsyth, Alexander, 24 Leith street
Eraser, James, 14 Catherine street
Georgeson, Alexander, 9 Jamaica street
Glass, John, 14 Scotland street
Glen, George, 33 Hanover street
Grandison, James, 125 Pleasance
Grant, Donald, 401 Lawnmarket
Gray, James, 7 Catherine street
Greenoak, Robert, 42 Leith street
Gregg, J. 38 Leith street
Gregory, T. & W. 53 George street
Grieve, George, 12 west Richmond street
Gunn, John, 17 west Register street
Haldane, James, 24 Kirkgate
Halket, William, boot cutter and closer,
41 Rose street
Hamilton, Alexander, 38 Lothian street
Hardie, John, 1 Broughton place
Hardie, Robert, 393 Lawnmarket
Harley, David, 78 Queen street
Henderson, Alex. 74 Broughton street
Henderson, John, 30 Leith street
Henderson, Peter, 3 Church lane
Henderson, William, Sandport street
Hewat, James, 19 Bank street
Hill, M'Culloch, 43 Nicolson street
Hogg, James, 487 LaAvnniarket
Hogg, James, 9 Catherine street
Horn, David, 1 Richmond place
Howat, Hugh, 80 Potterrow
Hume, William, 8 St James square
Hume, William, 148 Rose street
Hunter, A. & Co. 26 Nicolson street
Hutchison, J. 6 Bedford street
Hutton and Cooper, 91 Prince street
Inglis, William, 13 Howe street
Innes, Alex. & Co. 311 High street
Jack, William, 3 Rose street
Jackson, Francis, 26 Haddington place
James, John, 8 St Andrew square
James, William, 13 Keir sti'eet
Johnston, John, 111 Rose street
Johnston, David, 4 Catherine sti'eet
Kennedy, Daniel, 27 Pitt street
Kinghorn, A. 245 Canongate
Kyle, James, 2 Constitution street
Lawrie, James, 1 Elder street
Lawson, Geo. & Co. 11 Thistle street
Lawson, James, 7 Charles street
Lawson, John, & Co. and leather cutters,
8 Semple street
Lawson, Joseph, 33 Lauriston place
Leslie, Andrew, 121 Canongate
Leuchars, James, 1 Admiralty street
Lizars, Robei't, 50 Charlotte street, Leith
Main, Edward, 12 Elm row
Main, Peter, 22 Leith street
Main, Thomas, 5 Catherine street
Manners, George, 6 Rose street
March, William, jun. 44 Frederick street
Marshall, Alex. 21 Dean street
Mason, James, 385 Lawnmarket
Meldrum, James, 25 Jamaica street
Menzies, Douglas, & Son, 1 Alison square
Menzies, John, 80 Potterrow
Menzies, John, 11 Hanover street
Menzies, William, 16 south Richmond st.
Michie, James, 5 Duke street
Miller, Andrew, 38 St Andrew street
Miller, John, 14 Jamaica street
Milne, William, 4 west Richmond street
Milne, William, & Son, to her Majesty, 1 1
St Andrew square

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