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TAILORS continued.
Murrajr, Geo. 3 south St Andrew street
Murray, R. D. 134 High street
M' Arthur, James, Geddes's close
M'Caggie, William, 28 Horse wynd
M'Cosh, Robert, 62 Kirkgate
M'Donald, Angus, 113 Cause wayside
M'Donald, D. Merrilees' close, Yardheads
M'Donald, Jas. 46 west Register street
M'Donald, John, 17 west Richmond street
M'Farlane, William, Duke street, Leith
M'Intosh, Peter & James, 333 High street
M' Isaac, John, 10 Hill place
Mackie, Joseph, 33 Bristo street
Mackay, Hugh, 246 Cowgate
M'Kean, John, 1 James square
M'Kenzie, Alex. 265 High street
M'Leish, William, 35 South bridge
M'Leod, Robert, 58 Tolbooth wynd
M'Millan, John, 102 Kirkgate
M'Naught, John, 3 Catherine street
Neilson, William, 187 High street
Ness, Thomas, 104 Rose street
Nightingale, W. & Son, and habit makers,
49 Prince street
Oliver, John, 6 Saunders street
Orrock, Charles, 26 Frederick street
Park, Wm. 45 St Mary wynd
Peacock, Thomas, 1 4 Water's close
Philip, Alex. 102 Kirkgate
Pillans, Benjamin, 6 Union place
Phoenix house of call, Warriston close
Porteous, William, 441 Lawnmarket
Preston, Alex. 51 Broughton street
Rae, George, 142 High street
Ritchie, John, 73 Nicolson street
Robertson, D. Tontine build. Foxe's lane
Robertson, David, 377 High street
Robertson, Duncan, 62 Thistle street
Robertson, P. & renovator, 23 Dundas st.
Robertson, Peter, 2 Shakespeare square
Rodger, WiUiam, 68 Rose street
Rodger, Robert, 56 Crosscauseway
Ross", Andrew, 57 Nicolson street
Ross, Robert, 187 High street
Rule, Alexander, 1 Milne square
Russell, Hugh, 3 Tolbooth wynd
Russell, William, 23 Grassmarket
Russell, William, 38 Yardheads
Samuel, Robert, 9 Rose street
Scott, Adam, 5 Shakespeare square
Scott, James, 4 Jamaica street
Scott, John, and furnisher, 369 High street
Seewald, George, and pelisse maker, 11
Waterloo place
Simpson, James, 19 Duke street, Leith
Simpson, James, 49 Tolbooth wynd
Sleigh, George, 15 Buccleuch street
Smith, James, 77 St Mary wynd
Smith, John, 10 Terrace, Leith street
Souter, William, 13 Arthur street
TAILORS continued.
Sprot, Mark, 3 Mackenzie place
Stark, William, 99 Kirkgate
Stenhouse, John, 7 Middleton's entry
Stewart, Alexander, 165 Rose street
Sutherland, James, 18 Buccleuch street
Sutherland and Son, 41 Nicolson street
Sutherland, William, 21 Jamaica street
Syme,^ J. & corsetmaker, 5 Broughton st.
Symington, James, 140 Rose street
Tailors' hall, 15 Carrubber's close
Taylor, Charles, 4 west Register street
Taylor, William, 3 Middleton's entry
Thin, Walter, 17 west Nicolson street
Thomson, David, and lodgings, 3 west
Register street
Thomson, Henry, 2 Sandport street
Torry, Alexander, 13 Rose street
Treasurer, Ken. 5 George street
TurnbuU, Adam, 17 west Nicolson street
Walker, Thomas, 39 Thistle street
Wallace, Andrew, 9 Brown street
Wallace, Hugh, 6 Northumberland place
Watt, Alexander, 1 Simon square
Watson, John, and furnisher, 35 Bristo st.
White, David, Dock place
Whitson, John, 33 Kirkgate
Wightman, Thomas, 42 Thistle street
Wilkie, J. & breeches maker, 89 Prince st.
Wilson, Alex. 6 south Charlotte street
Wilson, James, 56 Potterrow
Wood, Alex. 6 west Nicolson street
Young, Alexander, 6 HoH'e street
Young, Robert, and Son, 65 and 67 St
Mary wynd
Cooper, T. factor and agent, 2 north bridge
Hughes, John, Stead's place
M'George, J, Chalmers' close
Paterson, Robert, 313 High street
Reynolds, Richard, 19 M'Dowal street
Adam, Robert, and skinner. Bell's mills
Frier, Mrs William, 91 west Bow
Walker, Thomas, and skinner, Coltbridge
( See also Wool Merchants. )
Adam and Russell, and tanners, Bonning-
ton mills
Baird, J. and W. and tanners, Pow burn
Dryden, W. and glover, 2 Deanhaugh st.
Ritchie, A. and tanner, Canonmills
( See also Skinners. )
Alexander, John, West port
Blues, J. and merchant, 66 St Mary's wynd
Boak, G. 25 West port

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