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*Clark, Robert, horse dealer, New street
Clark, William, brewer, Eskside
*Clark, Wm, cowfeeder, High st., Fisherrow
Clerk, Miss Jessie, Rosemount
Cleugk, John, Rosehall, Fisherrow
Coldwells, Thomas, gardener, Dambrae
Colt, Mrs, Inveresk house
Commercial Bank of Scotland ; office, 4
Bridge street ; A. 0. Spence, agent
Cowan, R. D. (Commercial Bank, Edinburgh),
Campie lane house
Cowan, J., telegraph officer, New Hailes stat.
Cowan, M. W., M.D., surgn. R.N., 153 High st.
Cowan, Mrs J., 153 High street
Craven, Mrs Thomas, grocer, Market street
Crerar, Misses C. & ML, milliners, Newbigging
Croll, John, manufacturer and draper, 107
High street, Fisherrow
Cullen, Mrs, Spring gardens
Currie, James, Herkes loan
Currie, J., plumber, 100 High st., Fisherrow
Currie, Mrs, grocer, 26 Market street
Currie, W., baker, 13 High st., Fisherrow
*Dalrymple, Charles, New Hailes
Davidson, Mrs, Lewisvale
Deans & Moore, coalmasters, lessees of Car-
berry, Drummore, Elphinstone Tower,
Pencaitland, and Penston collieries ;
office, Smeaton park, Inveresk
Dewar, Miss, dressmaker, 35 High street,
*Denholm, David, farmer, Carberry mains
Dickson, James, plumber, High street
Dickson, Robert, grocer, 69 High street
( Doleman, W., 7 High street
Donaldson, James, Kildonan cottage, Millhill
Dow, Henry Russell, F.E.I.S., Rector of
Grammar school, 121 High street
Downie & Kinghorn, contractors, 146 High
street, Fisherrow
Drummond, Robt., chimney-sweeper, Millhill
Dudgeon, Geo., & Son, fleshers, 133 High st.
Dudgeon, J. R. & G., fleshers, 97 High street
Dudgeon, Robert, Trinity house
Duff, Captain, Lillybank house, Eskside
Duff, Miss Christina, 7 Wonder street
*Duncan, Scott David, farmer, Monkton house
Duncan, William, Millhill
Dundas, Mrs, Halkerston lodge, Inveresk
Eckford, Mrs John, spirit dealer, Eskside
Edward, James, grocer, 28 Bridge street ;
house, Blinkbonny
Edwards, J. F., writer and N.P., Bridge st.
*Elder, James, fanner, Whitehill mains
Elphinstone, Rt. Hon. Lord, Carberry towei
Elwes, Henry John, station-agent
Emlay, Jas., flesher, 87 High st., Fisherrow
Eskside Fibre Works, manufacturers ol '
papermakers' pulp
Fair, Andrew, tailor, Bridge street
Farquharson, Alexander, 13 Bridge street
Farquharson, Thos., slater, 9 East vennel
Fearns, G., tea and spirit mer., 70 High st.
Ferguson, Robert, hearth rug and skin
manufacturer, Millhill
Ferrier, George, 36 High street
Ferrier, John, gardener, Dalrymple loan
Forbes, Rev. Alexander, assistant ministei
and session-clerk, 7 Eskside
Forbes, Charles, Millhill
Forman, Mrs, publican, Leven hall
Forrest, R. & S., china merchants, 142 High
street, Fisherrow
Forrest, Stephen, 34 Market street
Forrester, Mrs James, 44 High street
Forster, James, potter, Newbigging
Foster, Thomas, Herkes loan
Foulis, John, chemist, 35 Eskside
Fowler, Mrs, grocer, 57 High st., Fisherrow
Fraser, J., smith and ironmonger, 119 High
Frier, James, manager, Musselburgh and
Fisherrow Co-operative store, Bridge st.
Gairdner, Mrs, Lamont place
Galloway, Jas., 37 High st., Fisherrow
Ganson, D., cooper, Fisherrow
Gardener, John Frederick, Bush house
*Gardner, Daniel, farmer, Barbachlaw
Gardner, James, dairyman, Felton green
Garvie, Miss H., 131 High st., Fisherrow
Gavin, P., & Sons, canvas manufac, Millhill
Gay, John, flesher, 40 High st., Fisherrow
Gay, R., & Son, fleshers, Newbigging
Gibson, C, cabinetmaker and j oiner, 8 Millhill
Gibson, Henry, tobacconist, 67 High street
Gillespie, James, baker, Wellington place
Gillies, James, gardener, Wallyford
Gillon, Mrs, lodgings, 44 High st., Fisherrow
Gordon, J., bookseller, auctioneer, and ap-
praiser, 107 High street, and 86 High
street, Fisherrow
Gordon, Mrs, 12 High street
Gourlay, J., mark, gardener, Dalrymple loan
Graham, William, principal, Campie house
boarding school
Graham, Miss E., grocer, Inveresk
Gray, Hugh, spirit dealer, Ship inn
Gray, Dr., Newbigging lodge
Gray, W. A., Pottery, Newbigging
Gray, Mrs A., 25 High street, Fisherrow

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