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The Directory is compiled on the following system : — The Names and Addresses
of the nobility and gentry, of persons in business, of voters, and of persons residing in
the County whose places of business are in Edinburgh or Leith, have as far as possible
been inserted. These have been arranged first in Alphabetical order, and then in the
order of their Postal or Sub-Postal Districts. In the cases of Dalkeith, Musselburgh,
and Portobello, the names have been likewise arranged in the order of Trades. As no
name appears in the District Lists which does not also appear in the Alphabetical
arrangement, and vice versa, the information desired may be obtained from either,
but generally more fully under the District Lists. The names of Officials only have
been given under Edinburgh and Leith.
In the Index of Gentlemen's Seats', Farms, Hamlets, &c, at page 144, the Italic
Letters refer to the respective Parishes in which the places are situated, a list of which
is given at page 10 ; and the Figures refer to the number of the Postal District under
which the places are arranged, which may be found either by turning to the Contents,
or to the District Lists themselves.
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Commercial Printing Company. Edinburgh.

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