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PAUtt,t. t§
Brodie, John, shoemaker, 78 Broomlands
Brodie, Robert, clerk, Union Bank— house 12 Abbey-st.
Brough, David, haberdasher, 269 High-street
Brough, Peter, haberdasher, 23 1 High-street
Brown, Alex., spirit dealer, Se^dhill
Brown, Allan, wright, 4 Hdspital-lane
Brown, Andrew, merchant, Auchentorlie
Brown, Andrew, merchant, George-place
Brown, David, blacksmith, 7 Back Sneddon
Brown, James, appraiser, 188 High-street
Brown, James, grocer, Wallneuk
Brown, James, hosier, 65 High-street
Brown, Jas. writer, 2 Lawn-street-^ — house, 188 High-§t«
Brown, John, baker, 81 Causeyside
Brown, John, grocer, 23 Queen-street
Brown, John, grocer & stone-ware dealer, 48 George-9t*
Brown, John, hosier, 250 High-street
Brown, John, starcher, Saucel
Brown, John, turner, 141 High-street
Brown, John, wright, 22 New Smith-hills
Brown, Matthew, (of Crossflat)
Brovv^n, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 136 Highest.
Brown, Mrs. George, grocer and vintner, Old Smith-hills
Brown, Mrs. grocer, 7 Maxwellton-street
Brown, Mrs. grocer and vintner, 54 Storie-street
Brown, Mrs. leghorn and straw hat maker, 32 Gauze-sL
Brown, Mrs. grocer and straw hat maker, 75 Moss-street
Brown, Mrs. Register OfHce for servants, 41 New- street
Brown, Robert, pattern drawer, 4 Castle-street
Brown, Sharps, & Co. manufacturers, 4 Shuttle-street
Brown, & Speirs, manufacturers, 166 Causeyside
Bro'AB, William, baker, 1 Wellmeadow-street
Brown, William, grocer and gardener, Williamsburgh
Brown, Wm., jun & Co. commission agents, 12 Causeyside
Brown, William, jun. — house Egypt-park
Brown, Wm., manufacturer and grocer, 10 Wardrop-st,
Browning, G. druggist, 21 High-street— -house 22 do.
Browning, Gavin, surgeon, 22 High-street
Erownlie, James, librarian to the Trades' Library, and
collector of Statute Labour Money for Abbey Pa-
rish, 18 Lady-lane.

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