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Commercial Court, 170 Causey-
side street, west side
Cotton street, south side of Gauze
street to Abbey street
County buildings, east side of
Moss street
Cowieston, foot of Maxvvelhon
Crossflat, south side of Muslin
Cross street, west side of Castle
street to Queen-street
Croft street, (East) from Wall-
neuk to Renfrew road
Crofi street (North) from Green-
law street to Comnion Quay
Croft street, (South) east end of
Sneddon Bridge to Wallneuk
Croft street, (West) from New
Smith-hills st. to Abercorn st.
Cumberland court, 168, Causey-
side street (west side)
Dovesland, from Lylesland to
Duke Street, south side of Row-
an street.
Dyer's Wynd, east side of Moss
street to river.
Ellis' Lane, west end of Abbey st.
to river.
Espedair Street, north and south
of South Campbell street,
Ferguslie (Back row of) west end
of Maxwellton to west lane of
Ferguslie, west end of West
Broomlandsto Millerston
Ferguslie, (east lane of) south of
West Broomlands to Max-
Ferguslie (mid lane of) west end
of Maxwellton to Ferguslie
Ferguslie (walk) north of West
Ferguslie (west lane of) west
end of Ferguslie to Canal
Garthland lane, north side of
Muslin street
Garthland place, east end of
Gauze st. opposite Christie st.
Gas work, north west of foot of
Wells street
Gauze street, from Old Smith
hills street to Garthland place
George street, west side of Cau-
seyside to Ferguslie
George place, east end of George
street to Brown's lane
Glen street, west side of Love
street to Caledonia street
Glen lane, north side of St.
James' street to Glen street
Gordon's lane, east side of Cau-
seyside to Burn-row
Greenhill, north-west side of Un-
derwood street
Greenlaw, north of Muslin street
Greenlaw street, east end of North
Croft street eastward
Hamilton street (by Calside) east
side of Calside to Dovesland
Hamilton street (Great) west
side of Renfrew road to River
Harbour lane, east side of New
Sneddon to Quay
High street, west end of Old
Bridge to Wellmeadow street
Highland lane, south side of north
Croft street
Hospital lane, west side of New
Sneddon street to back Sned-
don street
Hunter street, west side near foot
of Moss- street
Inkle street, from Lawn street to
east end of Gauze street
John street, north side of east
Broomland street
King Street, north side of east
Broomhnd street, opposite to
Queen street

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