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The .sc of T-nectones is now so well understood, that there are
few Towns of wy note in the kingdom without one. The ViJne'^i
^n them iv 'his District, is clearly evinced by the annually ineieasni^
■pntronrg^. v Inch the Publisher of the REivFFBwsniiiK Commeuci^.
DrRmro/Ji has experienced. In this Edition he has introduceo
several additional Towns, augmented the Table of Di<ttavc "t, in
serted a Table of the Tonnnga Dues -m Cart, a List of the Free-
holders of the County-, and to this Edition alone, he has gr-en a
brief Historical Sketch of the Totvns ivhich the Directory eri.b^aces.
These, and other additions, have added 72 pages to the work^ and
7vouM have Justified an increase of price, huihe hopes that a sufficient
number of additional names, added to his sia^ad list of yearly Sub-
scribers, will render any advance in price unnecessary. As then
are hut few Copies thrown off, except what are subscribed for, non^
S7ibscribers will require to make early application ; end, io prevent
disappointment in future, it will be found advantageous f r those who
wish to secure a copy, to give in their names when the surveys are
It is not to Mantfncturers or Merchants alone that this Worh is ne~
!ji6»o.i"^" /embracing, as it does, a minute and well classified body of
fenc^m iiformation, on s^drjects connected with the eastern district of
the . uvty, it will be found highly useftd to all who have any con-
ncrtiv with the Towns and Villages mil hin its range.
Th Puhlishcr, while he returns his sincere thanhsfor the prompt
d • aluable assistartce he has received from many Gentlemen in the
'Wn and in the surrounding districts, respectfully solicits a i.ynti-
.ancc of such assistance, as by it he is enabled to malte his Lints
ificrv complete and correct, and conseguenthj more generally useful.
The. Public are requested, ivhen Removals, and change of Firmi,
take place, to send early notice thcrpcf to the Publisher, in order thai
tl '• Lis'.s may be made up by the \Qlh of .lime.
That the work may be as useful as possible, by being complete
the Publisher ivould tahe it hijidly, that such ijidividnals in busi/if-ss.
as may have been omitted in former editions of the Directory, would
send their addresses to his office.
Attending to these notices will he found a great convenience to 'Jie
Trading Public, and enaUe the Publisher to make the Lists more
ccmplete. '^
Any suggesfio7i relative 'c the improvement of the jLj^rectvrtj. wdl
hc^htnhfuihj received by the Publisher, if sent before the 2VtJ May.
I\\ B. — Printing and Boohbmding neaflf ^executed : and (dl or-
drrsfor Scotch or 'English Periodical Public atix.vs Ifft at hii Ware-
house carefully attended to.
Directory Office,
Paisley, July 1830
Pul;lishec! and sokU-.v G. Fowler, Ppislej ; W. M'Feat, Jar-es Bmsb &- Co., nnd
Griiliii 8i Co Glasgow.— Thomas Irelar^d, jun. Edinburgh.-— J. t'jgg'r-. ft Co. Man.
,'..r..— 'rh^'m.-^R K<»' v n, Pa*pr!'.r-i^r r-, -.. . joy-,-; .S Co '^ A.--,"- ' ■ K •

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