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Houston, James, grazier, Bridge of Weir
Houston. John, carding master, Gryffe Mill
Houston, John, wright, Houston
JAMIESON, Archibald, of Woodfoot
Jamieson, John, picking-master, Croslie Mill
KING, John, mason, Houston Cottage
King, Laughlan, grocer, Bridge of Weir
King, Misses, milliners, straw hat and dress makers, Bridge
of Weir
King, Walter, senior, mason, Houston
King, Walter, jun. mason, Houston
Kirkwood, John, farmer, Nethertield
LAIRD, James, farmer, High Lawfield
Lang, Arthur, of East Yonderton
Lang, Gabriel, miller, Barrochan Mill
Lang, George, grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge of Weir
Lang, James, clerk. New Mill, Bridge of Weir
Lang, James, farmer, Boderickfield
Lang, John, farmer. West Glen
Lang, Joseph, coal and lime merchant, Goudenlee
Lang, Joseph, smith, farrier, and spirit dealer. Bridge of
Lang, William, farmer, Wraes
Lang, William, Saracen's Head Inn, Bridge of Weir
Lang, Mrs. William, jun. milliner, dress, and straw hat
maker. Bridge of Weir
Lauder, Alex, keeper Hardgate Toll-bar
Lauder, James, farmer, Blasock f
Leitch, James, smith, Barrochan town
Lyle, James, farmer, Innally
MACDOWALL, Henry, of Carruth j S
Miller, James, tailor. Bridge of Weir ' 8(
Miller, James, spirit dealer, Croslie
Miller, John, spirit dealer. Bridge of Weir
Miller, Mrs. farmer. North Mains
Miller, Robert, grocer, Bridge of Weir

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