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Brown, Robt. hair dresser & customary weaver, High st.
Buchanan, Peter, shoemaker. High street '
Buchanan, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, High street
Bulloch, John, druggist. High street
Burns, James, carding master, Calder Park Mill
CALDWELL, Allan, farmer, of Kaim
Caldwell, John, farmer, of Oldyard
Caldwell, Lieutenant John, Gavin
Caldwell, Robert, farmer, East Muirdykes
Caldwell, Robert, jun. writer, High street
Caldwell, 'Robert, sen. writer, of Calderhaugh, High st.
Caldwell, Robert, (Buck Head Inn) How-wood
Caldwell, Thomas, thread merchant, Loanhead
Caldwell, William, farmer, Belltrees
Cameron, Peter, bleacher, Midton field
Campbell, James, wright, Newton of Belltrees
Campbell, John, bleacher, Bowfield
Campbell, Mathew, spirit dealer. High street
I Campbell, Robert, grocer and tea dealer. High street •
Carduff, Andrew, blacksmith. How-wood
Carswell, Thomas, writer. High street, .house Braehead
Clark, James, grocer and spirit dealer. High street
Clark, John, grocer, flesher, and spirit dealer. High street
Clark, John, (Lochwinnoch Road Head Tnn)
Clark, John, teacher. How-wood
Cochran, Allan, tailor. High street
Cochran, John, feuar, Newtoun of Barr
Cochran, William, of Ladyland
Connell & Aitken, joiners, cabinet makers, & cart wrights.
High street
Connell, James, sen. agent for the West of Scotland In-
surance Company, Newtoun of Barr
Connell, John, draper, Calder street
Connell, John, writer, Newtoun of Barr
Connell, Mrs. John, Newtoun of Barr
Connell, William, writer, Newtoun of Barr
Craig, James, teacher & land surveyor, Newton of Belltrees
Crawford, Hugh, postmaster. High street
Crawford, James, blacksmith, Calder street

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