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Blackwood, Matthew, bleacher, Arthurlie
Blair, William, spirit dealer, Dovecothall
Bowie, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Barrhead
Bowman, Andrew, pattern drawer, Crofthead printfield
Brighton, Gavin, gardener, Fereneze printfield
Broadly spinning & steam loom weaving company, Broadly
mill. .William Craig, manager
Brown, Archibald, carding master, Gateside mill
Brown, James, farmer, Wraes
Brown, John, surgeon, apothecary hall, Barrhead
Brown, William, cooper, Barrhead
Bruce, James, & Co. grocers and spirit dealers, Barrhead
Bulloch, Mrs. coal-ree, Barrhead
C ALDER WOOD, Adam, manager, Levern cotton mill
Caldwell, John, boot and shoe maker, Neilston
Caldwell, Thomas, farmer, Raw^flesh
Caldwell, William, farmer, Crossmill
Campbell, George, grocer, Neilston
Campbell, James, grocer, Neilston
Carfrae, John, nail manufacturer, Barrhead
Carswell, James, spirit dealer, (Thistle and Crovv^n Mason
Lodge) Neilston
Carswell, , farmer, Craig of Carnock
Carswell, Robert, carding master. Broadly mill
Chalmers, Andw. & Son, bleachers, Waterside bleachfield
Clarke, James, saddler, Neilston
Cochran, Alexander, .house Kirktonfield
Cochran, J. & A. bleachers, Kirktonfield
Cochran, John, sen., .house Kirktonfield
Cochran, Robert, sen. farmer, Logan's rais
Cochran, Robert, teacher, Barrhead
Cochran, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Neilston
Cochranes & Co. bleachers, Glanderstone
Cochrane, James, dryer, Glanderstone
Cogan, Alexander, excise officer, Arthurlie
Cogan, John & Robt. power loom factory, Corsse, Arthurhe
Colquhoun, David, grocer and spirit dealer, Dovehill
Colquhoun, Robert, surgeon, Barrhead
Cooper, Thomas, farmer, Woodneuk

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